Manly Oak Tree Mondays (late)


Hello Lovelies! Im back again as KNK mod support. I will bring you Manly Oak Tree YouJin every Mondy. So this week in honor of Black Day which is April 14th. Its a Korean holiday for singles in korea. We will do scenarios with our members. I suck at scenarios so i will apologize in advance at the crappy scenarios.

This will be the outfit i will choose to wear for my day with Youjin as fellow singles and friends.

I would be in the audience after YouJins show and we would make eye contact and smile. We are best friends.

Youjin will send me a picture asking if this outfit will be ok to wear for going to a a restarant. I would say yes.

He would snap a picture of his noodles and post them on social media. I would get the notification and laugh at his love for taking pictures of food.

The aftermath of him eating black bean noodles and i would laugh and hand him a napkin.


We would wave bye to each other and head to our homes.

Welp this sucked T.T but i tried....*goes hides and cries in a dark room*

Hello my name is Steph I'm from Ohio. Any questions just ask.
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