Talking Bod Chapter 5 (+18)

The sunlight shined through the curtains making Ji Su turn away so she could sleep some more. Only she came face to face of the young man who slept next her. She opened her eyes knowing she was awake when she wanted to sleep more. Looking at Jungkook with his innocent face, Ji Su thought back the night they first meet. She smiled remembering that she called him a kid and that he should be at home studying. He sure showed her that he was not this innocent boy that was laying right next to her.

Ji Su brought her left hand to brush away the hair that was in his eyes. Looking at him, Ji Su couldn’t help, but think that one day she might break his heart if what they had between them went down south. Sighing she turned back over to get out of bed. It was five in the morning and she knew that she had to figure how get Jungkook up before anyone noticed that he wasn’t in the living room asleep with the others.

A hand grabbed her right arm and pulled her back into bed. It surprised her and she felt Jungkook wrapped his arms around her tighter, pulling her against him. He kissed her neck and then nibbled on her right earlobe.

“Good morning.” He whispered in her ear.

No stay away from those thoughts. He is just a rebound. Nothing more.

“I need your help with something and it involves with what you promised me last night.” Jungkook’s right hand started to move down touching her thighs. She felt something poke her and she knew it wasn’t his hands. Ji Su giggled knowing that she did tell him last night that they would do it later. That was before she fell asleep on him. Jungkook’s lips moved from her ear to her neck before hitting her shoulder where her skin was exposed. His hand moved up to her waist band sliding in.

“Jungkook...” She shyly moaned into her is pillow as his fingers teased her at the folds of her woman hood. She gasped when one finger entered moving in and out. He added one more to where Ji Su rolled onto her stomach causing in his fingers to go in her deeper. She turned her head to face him. Ji Su was biting her lip moaning as his fingers slowly went in. The look on her face turned him on. He liked this facial expression of hers.

“You like that?” he asked voice deep with sleep. Ji Su nodded afraid that if she moaned loud enough someone would hear her. “Good.” He said removing his fingers which earned him a whine from her.

“Why did you stop?” She whined to him. Jungkook said nothing while he turned her over to her back and put her hands above her head. He took one hand to remove her shorts before removing his.

“I want you to beg.” He told her kissing her deeply before moving to the left side of her neck. “This is your punishment.” He continued kissing the right side before raising her shirt to reveal two beautiful mounds.

“Punishment?” She asked confused.


He moved in and out of her slowly. Ji Su was struggling to keep her hands above her. Struggling not to touch him. Struggling to beg him to go faster. Jungkook broke the kiss to look at her. Her facial expression was mixed between struggle and pleasure. He couldn’t help but think that watching her struggle was the punishment for making him have dreams of her teasing him. Causing him to have morning wood. She could feel him struggling to not change his pace because he too wanted to go faster.

“Babe please...” Ji Su begged, raising another white flag to him.

“Please what?” he asked her smirking liking what he was seeing. Her begging him. Just how he wanted it.

“Faster, I want you to fuck me faster.” She said in a low voice.

“Can you repeat that? I didn’t hear you clear enough.” Teasing her knowing that she didn’t want to speak louder in fear of someone hearing. At that moment, Jungkook didn’t care if one of his hyungs walked in.

“I want you to fuck me faster. Make me come.” She said little louder not caring at that point if someone heard. Jungkook rolled her on her stomach, raising her ass in the air, and his hands on her hips. He started going in slowly before picking up his pace. Ji Su muffled her moans with her pillow as each of his thrusts went faster, deeper, and harder. She was on the verge of coming and when she did, Ji Su didn’t just come once. No, she came twice. Jungkook collapsed on the other side of her breathing deeply. Ji Su’s head was in her pillow trying to get her breathing under control trying to wrap around her mind that she had two orgasm the were seconds apart. Ji Su turned to face him seeing that he was breathing normally and looking at her.

“Ready for round two?” He asked giving her that damn smirk of his.

“No I don’t think I can go for another round.” She sighed looking away to see that the time was now 5:45 am. Mi Sun was going to be up any minute. “You need to get up and sneak back into the living room. Someone will notice that you’re not there.” Ji Su sat up telling him this. Just like he did earlier, his long arms wrapped around her, bring her face to face with him.

“If they notice we could always tell them I went running again.” He told her bring her face closer to where their noses were touching.

“You went running ok , then how would we explain when you walk out of my apartment trying to sneak back into yours?” Ji Su asked him, looking at his eyes and then his lips.

“I’ll just tell them that I went to say hello and asked for a bottle of water.” He pecked her lips. “I don’t think they will buy it.” She told him pecking his lips this time. She giggled when she felt something twitch between her thighs. “Someone is really horny this morning.” She said in between her giggles.

“You’re the one who is at fault for making me this way.” He growled at her sending shivers down her spin.

“Are we whining?” Ji Su teased him giving him a pouty face. Jungkook squeezed her sides with his hands making her giggle and moan at the same time. They stared at each other, Jungkook getting lost in those blue sapphire eyes of hers, and Ji Su getting lost in the black depths of his.

A knock on her door caused them to break eye contact. The door handle jiggled causing Ji Su to freak out. She was about to push Jungkook off the bed before whoever was her door would enter.

“Ji Su why is your door locked?” a muffled voice asked on the other side of the door. It was Mi Sun.

“I’m getting dressed. I didn’t want anyone to walk-in while I was changing.” Ji Su told Mi Sun feeling relived that her door was locked. She looked over at Jungkook and asked if he locked her door last night. He shrugged his shoulders not remembering if he did or not. “

Oh alright. I wanted to ask and see if we were still planning on heading to Jeju this weekend for the fashion show.” Mi Sun said.

“It’s this weekend?” Ji Su asked confused. Jungkook watched as her eyebrows bushed together with a confused expression.

“Yes, this weekend.” Mi Sun confirmed. Ji Su silently swore forgetting about the fashion that she was going to show two of her new pieces for a new line. Jungkook got out of bed and looked around for his clothes to change into them. Ji Su did the same only she was looking for something to wear to work.

“Sweetie are you ok? We don’t have to go this weekend. We can always try another time.” Mi Sun told Ji Su.

“No, its fine. I already have the pieces done.” While she was looking in her closet for a shirt, Jungkook came behind her pulling her in a back hug. She gasped surprised. Mi Sun asked her if she was ok. Ji Su reassured Mi Sun that she was. Ji Su hit Jungkook for scaring her. He rebelled by groping her breast making her bit her lip to hold in a moan.

“Alright, the boys are still sleeping and Jin wants to go and get something for breakfast and bring it back. If you need anything while we are out just call me. We will be back.” Mi Sun walked away and when Ji Su believed that the cost was clear, she turned around to face Jungkook. She hit him making him laugh knowing that he deserved it.

“Sorry babe I just had to do it. With you standing in your t-shirt and no pants. Damn it is one way to make me want to fuck you right here while she was talking to you. Just thinking about you trying so hard to not moan and having her discover me fucking you.” He leaned down and inch his face closer as he spoke. She smiled before hitting him again.

“You know you would like it.” Ji Su turned away from him not wanting to reply to what he said. As if he knew what her body was saying, she would like it. Having him fuck her being turned on while someone was listening. Though she didn’t want it to be her best friend. Just thinking about it made her shake her head. Taking a deep breath, Ji Su grabbed a pale pink blouse and black skinny jeans. She disappeared from him in to her bathroom.


Ji Su was in her office on the computer looking at the email that the Spring fashion show sent her. In the email, they sent her plane information for both her and Mi Sun. Where she was staying and when she arrived she need to summit the pieces she was planning on showing. They gave her a antennary for the day of the show. Ji Su just couldn’t believe that she forgot all about it and that she had already read the email.

Ji Su stood up and started to get things packed. She went to a closet where all her finished pieces were at. Grabbing the two that she summited to the Spring fashion show she placed them on her couch. Mi Sun walked in as they discussed about the trip. Ji Su showed Mi Sun the antennary that she printed out. They made the plan that Ji Su would be in the back and Mi Sun would be seated in the audience to take photos of Ji Su’s pieces. After an hour of talking about the trip, Mi Sun left to pick up food for them both.

When Ji Su thought that she had everything packed, she sat down and started to work on a new set of a line that she has been wanting to do for a while now. A men’s line. She had some sketches, but not a lot. This was something she wanted to do and try out. Mi Sun came back with food and disappeared to eat with Jin. Ji Su ate a bit every now and then. She was focused on one sketch. It was a men’s suit that had the jacket filled with different type of butterflies. She was so focused that she didn’t notice that there was someone in the doorway of her office.

“You always looked sexy when you were so focused.” Ji Su shot her head up with she recognized the voice. Jae.

“What are you doing here?” she asked irritated and pissed.

“I can’t stop by and say hi?” He gave her his charming smile. The one that she used to love, but now felt sick seeing it now.

“No, you can’t stop by and say hi. In case you forgot, but you broke up with me not the other way around.” She stood up putting her sketches away.

“I know and can’t I see what you’re working on?” He asked walking over to her desk.

“No and if you already knew then why are you really here?” Ji Su crossed her arms glaring at him.

“Alright if want to know, I wanted to come and tell you that I will be one of the investors at the show this weekend. I can’t wait to see what you have summited.” He smiled once again and placed his hands on her desk leaning towards her. Ji Su took a step back uncrossing her arms to pick up her sketch book. She didn’t trust him and she didn’t trust him seeing what she was working on. Sure, when they were together she would share with him. However, they weren’t together and she wasn’t in the sharing mood with him.

“Hey Ji Su I was wondering if you want to go and get some coffee.” She knew who that voice belonged to and she felt relief when Jungkook entered.

“Who the hell are you kid?” Jae asked annoyed.

“Huh I think it’s funny that you think I am a kid.” Jungkook chuckled.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Jae growled. Ji Su could see Jae was getting pissed and she was scared for what he would do to Jungkook.

“I’m her boyfriend.” Jungkook gave Jae a smile and a wink towards Ji Su who was staring at him wide eyed. “Sorry babe I know that you wanted to keep it a secret, but I can’t hold it anymore.” Jungkook walked over to Ji Su ignoring the glare he was receiving from Jae.

“Ji Su please tell me that this kid is joking?”

“Sorry Jae, but he isn’t. Also he isn’t a kid.” With that said, Jungkook took her hand and they both walked out. When Jungkook and Ji Su were a distance away, Ji Su stopped making Jungkook to look back at her. He stepped closer to her closing the gap between them, towering over her. He waited for to say something. He wasn’t going to push her.

“Jungkook I hope that you didn’t mean what you said back there.” She finally spoke with her eyes looking at the sidewalk.

“I just said that so he would back off.” He told her rubbing her knuckles of the one hand he was holding.

“You have to understand that if word gets out with what you told him everyone will find out. Then we would have to lie to every just to keep the lie you told him.” She was freaking out just a little. Jungkook placed a hand to lift her chin to have Ji Su look at him.

“If that happens we will just tell them that I came up with the idea. That way no one gets hurt.” He looked at her face to see she was one the verge of tears and not believing him. “Do you trust me?” He asked her. Ji Su nodded afraid if she spoke she wouldn’t sound convincing to him and herself.

“You haven’t fallen for me, have you?” She blurted out.

“No I haven’t. Remember what we have is just sex nothing else.” Jungkook told her with a smile. Ji Su tried to smile, but she felt something sharp pierce her heart when he told her that they were nothing more than just sex.


This the design of the suit that Ji Su is working on

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