For You, I'd Count the Salt Under the Sea (pt 6)

I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous

(Alexia's POV) "So, what your saying is that... Tony thought I was letting him go?" I said to Vic angerly "I'm such an idiot!" I said to myself

"It's not your fault Lex." Vic said to me. "No it is, I should've done it, I shouldv'e broke it off..." I started feeling tears well up in my eyes. I started walking away, I felt like running away again.

To: Matty, Joshie, Jake:

Hey guys I'm heading back to the room I'll see ya guys later.

I fucked up

"Hey Tones, what's going on?" I said to him,

"I fucked up Vic, I fucked up big time." I looked at him confused and looked at Jake, he was pissed, He told him.

"Where's Lex?" Jake asked,

"She walked off" I said, He nodded and went inside the bus

"Vic? what am I suppose to do? I don't want to lose her again." Tony said to me, "well you have Mae, You can't just up and leave her just cause Alexia came back." I said to him, or can you?

"When's warped?" He asked me

"in a week" replied to him.

"I'll break up with her then.." I felt bad for Mae but kinda happy about it, No ones relationship can last for that long being far apart that long, plus she liked to boss us around when Tony wasn't around.

"SHIT!" I hear Jake yell and run off the bus with Matt and Josh following

"Hey! what's going on?" I yell

"Vic, you know exactly what happens when she has alcohol." He yelled back.

"Shit!" I said running on the bus to get the Managers car keys "Tony stay here" I said yelled towards him, he just looked confused, I took off in the car and slowed by the guys "GET IN!" I yelled they piled in, Jake giving me directions to where the Hotel is.

As soon as we got there, they guys rushed into the room, she was here, but not here, but that's when we heard crying in the bathroom,

"Lex?" I said into the door, "Open the door for me sis" I said to her, nothing I looked to the guys and they shrugged, then I heard the door clicked I went inside, and closed the door behind me. What I seen was a complete nightmare. "Why would you do this to yourself Lex?" I said getting her cleaned up

"Vic?" She said to me, I stood there in horrow...

"CALL THE AMBULANCE" I yelled out the door. I was losing my little sister, "Lex don't you leave me" I said to her holding her close to me, then I heard her whisper out to me,

"Keep talking cause I love to hear your voice." and with that she passed out. Don't leave me again

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