Shannon's is Having a ROUGH Time

I hate seeing idols be under bad management, and it looks like Shannon is getting stick of it too.

In case you don't know, Shannon is a Korean/Welsh singer who had a few singles, was on Kpop Star 6, and is semi-well known in the K-entertainment world.

Her company, MBK, just announced that she would be the MC for her company's group DIA's comeback showcase.

The only problem is, Shannon didn't know about it.

But then again, its not just management that has issues...looks like fans are pretty disappointed in Shannon too.

In a V Live stream, Shannon shocked fans with what seems to be racists, homophobic, or at least just monumentally insensitive comments.

She was live with BTL's Jay and Dani recently, and while signing a Beyonce song, she sang along with the line containing the n-word. Some defended her saying she was just singing along, but others pointed out that Dani and Jay were silent on that line - especially Jay, who had been enthusiastically and loudly singing along to the parts leading up to that.

After asking Jay to do a heart, she called him gay, saying, "You're so gay", and then later during their game segment, told Dani that she "had special needs". Not only so, she claimed Seventeen's DK was "ew" and that Vernon was "not normal", although presumably if they were close, she was just poking fun at them. She also spoiled the blockbuster 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' to the dismay of those who hadn't watched the movie yet. (lol)

Her Instagram is currently flooded with people demanding that she apologize.

You can watch and judge for yourself I guess :/

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