My Ideal Date with Chani~ 😍 - SF9 Comeback Countdown

Hello everyone~ So I'm sure you've heard that SF9 is having a comeback on April 18th, so the SF9 Mod Team has begun a countdown to get us excited! I'm sorry this is late, a bit of a family emergency came up, so I didn't have time to make my card ^^;;;;; But without further a do;

This theme is: A Date with Your Favorite Member!

Let's go see what I have in mind!


First things first, my ideal date features:

Chaniiiii~~~~~~ I absolutely adore him, lmao.

Of course, I would ask him to pick me up from my place, and these would be our outfits.

Then, we would head to the local arcade!

First, we would play laser tag! How else should we kick off a lovely arcade date?~ It wouldn't matter who won, because it's really a fun game nonetheless.

Then we would play whatever games piqued our interest! (Probably air hockey, and some FPS games~)

Then we'd leave, and go to a quiet little burger place for dinner~

And then, we would walk home and talk the whole way~

Finally, he would come inside to play with my dog~

I think that's a good description of my ideal date~ Haha!

Alrighty!~ Thanks so much for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you later!

The Sensation Feeling Squad:

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Sensational Feeling Fam:


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Note: None of the photos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them, as well as the ones I found on Google, but the outfit edit is indeed mine~

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