10 Times He...

Sungjong is one beautiful idol and on many occasions has worn some questionable things.

But when he goes to an airport he makes that airport his runway.

10 Times He Made The Airport His Bitch and Walked The Cat Walk Like A Super Model

1. Black n White

2. Stripes & White

3. Pastel and Shorts

4. Simple Button Down

5. Not Even Showing His Face And Still Good

6. I've Never Seen A Band Tee Look So Good

7. All Black

8. The Worst Colours To Match

9. Looking Like Jack Skellington

10. Rocker Jong

*Bonus* A very bundled up Sungjong.

This kids fashion has changed so much through the years. It amazes me. And to think he doesn't wear the normal sweat shirt, jeans, ans trainers. He goes full out!

His most recent look from today, headed to Vietnam.

He may not be in a suit, but that shirt.

He may have a hat and be bare faced, but he still looks good.

Walking like he owns that airport.


Do you like his airport looks? Would you like to see him in a specific style of dress?

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