Smoldering Jealousy (NamJin)

"I did my dare Namjoon, this is unfair." "what are you, a child?" Taehyung was now fully pouting and it was annoying Namjoon. "Fine, if you will shut up."

Namjoon made his way around the corner of the bangtan dorm however when he got to the end he stopped because he saw Jin sitting next to yoongi on the sofa.

Taehyung has just screwed him: Royaly Namjoon wishes now he has chosen truth. He avoided Jins gaze as he reached the sofa, Grabbed Yoongis hand a placed a kiss on it, the following afterwards he placed a quick kiss on his lips.  then stood up to face Tae "Truth or dare?"

Namjoon could feel jins eyes burning holes into his body, and when namjoon took a quick glance over at him his face was turning red, along with his depening frown. "Namjoon, what the heck?" Namjoon looked at Jin Now " Babe, it was a dare."

Let the fight commense, thanks Taehyung, Namjoon vows he'll get revenge.

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