He got this Ladies 🎵🎶🎧🎤🎼

Sometimes I wanna tell Jay to get the fuck outta my face. I love him but he stay tryna swerve in Duck's lane and I already got Simon oppa to do that shit I don't need him doing it too. lol Anyway for Lyrical Monday I chose Mr. Park's "I got this" from his everything you wanted album. The beat is so chilled out but the words hit hard. You know how he feels about AOMG and honestly, it reminds me of why I'm so proud of him now. He actually inspires me more than he'll ever know. He went through a moment where most would think his career ended and he came back and proved them wrong. He's a CEO, he's got fam, fans and money to blow. So as much as I want to tell him to get the fuck outta my face, I can't help but deeply love him anyway.


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