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Hello my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.

I'm back with my short story/one shot of:

50 Shades of Christian Chim Chim

-Chapter 2

Thank you all you lovelies who gave me your opinion...means a lot to me. So I shall continue writing for you lovelies. 감사합니다!!



Chapter 2

Gosh I couldn't see his face, it was too dark. And the lost of contact had me perplexed yet wanting more? All I could do was smell him and he wasn't far away either, perhaps if I reached out to him...

"Stop, do not try to touch me." His voice vibrated their way from the tips of my toes up to my inner core. 

"Touch me and that shall be a third strike gatita,  I have a feeling this is what you want no?" He hummed the last note.

'Is that what i want?' He smelled divine, so manly yet so sweet it was drawing me in.

"Yes" I responded and took a step forward, "this is what I want. What shall you have my first punishment to be then Mr.....?" 

"Mm, gatita, let's not jump to first named bases yet. But if you must know my name, I shall reward it to you after the second punishment." 

I think I'll just have to wait but that's not fair that he knows mine. "Very well, then I shall give you a shadow show you won't forget." 

"A shadow show?" He inquired. 

"Yes, shadow show. Since I can't see you how are you to enjoy it?" Yes, I thought now I may see his face since last time I was too embarrassed by what happened to even look up at him fully. 

"Mm, I see but where I am I can see you perfectly gatita. Start when you're ready." 

Oh boy, what am I to do? My nerves just decided to kick in at the word start, now I was frozen. I couldn't move and if he says he can see me perfectly then I know my body must display it.

I heard footsteps but didn't know where to look.

"No, don't be alarmed. Perhaps a bit of music and guidance will loosen you up gatita." 

His voice was now to my right. "Extend your right arm to the side y/n." I was hesitate, why did he ever want me to do that for but extend it I did. I practically jumped when I felt something 


"Relax, it's just my hand. Let me guide you through the first steps.  I'm going to pull my way to you okay, so do not come forward." 

Silly and nervous me just nodded my head. I was getting dizzy spells, his scent grew stronger than before, I could hardly decipher the soft melody in the background, all I could feel was his manly heat pulling his way closer to me again.  This is what I wanted No? Then why was I so nervous, so still? I should be taking charge, not go completely cold like a corpse. But his masculine scent had me glued straight.

"Y/n, I'm going to touch you but where should I start?" He husked so near that I...


That I died...that's what happened lol.

So is it still interesting?

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