Hansol - Movie Date


“How does this one look?” Hansol walked out of his bedroom as his little sister played on the floor with her dolls and his Mom sat on the couch with his Dad as his Dad read his book.

“It looks nice…” His Mom tried to encourage him as his little sister just stuck out her tongue and made a yucky face at him.

“It isn’t as easy as it looks.” Hansol groaned as he walked back to his room. Throwing his outfit on the bed he tried on a regular shirt with his loose jeans as he walked back out.

“Maybe, I just will call her and ask her to cancel our date.” Hansol walked over to the couch as he rubbed his forehead as he didn’t know what to do next.

“Don’t worry. I am sure that she will love anything that you wear, as long as you like it.” His Mom reassured him as he just rested his head on the back of the couch and he closed his eyes, trying to calm down his nerves.

“If she doesn’t like you then you can just watch movies with me.” His little sister cutely said as she brushed her doll’s hair.

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” Hansol laughed at his little sister as he stood up and rubbed her head gently before heading into the basement to where he was going to hold the date with you. Just a movie date, nothing too special, well besides you.

Fixing the pillows on the couch and making sure all of the videos were nice and organized, he heard the doorbell as he looked down at his outfit.

“It will have to do.” He ran upstairs quickly calling that he got the door.

His footsteps were heard on the other side of the door as you just smiled to yourself. In a tank top with a hooded jacket over it with some tights, you ran your fingers through your hair as he sung open the door.

A surprised looked Hansol greeted you as you just smiled happily, the surprise soon melted

into a smile as he invited you inside.

“Oh~ you’re pretty~” His little sister called as she walked to her room as you just blushed and bit your lip.

“Don’t mind her, she is just a little sister.” Hansol nervously said as you nodded your head gently with a smile on your face. “Oh, this is my Mom and Dad. Mom, Dad this is my date, ________.”

Looking over to his parents the greeted you a smile and his father with a bow as you smiled.

“You two have fun, if you need anything let us know.” His Mom reassured Hansol, motioning his parents to leave they smiled and shuffled to their bedroom where they were going to watch a movie with his little sister.

“_______ let’s go.” Hansol called sweetly as you nodded. He tried to grab for your hand but he pulled his hand back as you saw his cheeks reddening. chuckling slightly, you followed him into the basement where the lights were dimmed and popcorn and snacks were set out on the table. Movies were fanned out on the floor as the place looked picture perfect.

Hansol moved over to the TV as he lit up the screen as the brightness filled the room as excitement. Moving to the couch, you pulled your knees up to your chest as you smiled brightly.

“What movie first?” Hansol looked over at you as you just smiled.

“You choose.” You felt the excitement swell up within you as he just smiled, choosing the movie.

Placing the movie into the player, he moved to the opposite side of the couch as he looked over at you as the iconic companies moved onto the screen.

Hansol was conflicted, he wanted to watch you, but then he wanted to watch the movie. The way that the light of the screen hit your face made his heart race as a shy smile came onto his face.

“Wow that was a great movie!” You commented as the credits rolled. Hansol snapped out of his daydream as he looked at the screen. Discovering that he watched you the entire movie, he blushed as he bit his lip.

“Y-Yes it was, what movie do you want to watch next?” He moved off of the couch as you followed him, moving down to where the movies were.

“Ummmmm.” You tapped your finger onto your lips as you smiled and picked one up, a classic.

“This one please.” Handing the movie over to Hansol, he smiled and nodded as you moved back to the couch. Putting in the next movie, he sat on the other side of the couch as you looked at him, moving over a little, you watched him as he looked over at you.

“Can I sit here?” You asked as you patted the seat next to him. His eyes looked down at your hand as his eyes got a little wide, nodding his head softly, you smiled and moved next to him.

Trying to distract him from the beautiful girl that sat next to him, he tried to get into the movie, yet his heart knew that you were nearby. Glancing over at you, he saw the light highlight your perfect features as he just smiled, slowly moving his arm to the top of the couch, he let out a deep breath as you felt a blush slide onto your cheeks.

Feeling your eyelids become heavy, they slowly closed as the dark scene in the movie preceded. Slowly, your head rested against his shoulder as he looked down at you with surprise.

“_______” Hansol whispered softly as you just kept sleeping. Slowly, he turned down the volume of the movie as he kept this smile on his face. Looking at you, with your peaceful expression on your face, he gently tucked some hair behind your ear.

Once that movie ended, the credits rolled as Hansol’s Mom came down to check on them.

“How is everything going?” She whispered as Hansol looked over the couch at her.

“She fell asleep.” He pointed down to you as his Mom smiled at you sleeping on him. “What do I do? I don’t want to wake her.”

His Mom came over and lifted one of the perfectly folded blankets and laid it over you as she helped her son get comfy.“

"Sleep here tonight, with her. I will go call her parents so they don’t worry.” His Mom kissed his head as she wished him a goodnight. His Mom moved upstairs as he watched her leave, twirling your hair around his fingers, he lulled himself to sleep as he looked at you once more in the little light.

“Goodnight.” He whispered as he rested his head against yours as he slept with you that night.

The morning light and footsteps above you woke you up as you lifted your head and looked around. Hansol’s head hung down onto his chest since you moved your head. Lifting it up carefully, you situated it on the cushion behind him as your eyes moved over his flawless figures.

Bringing his hand up to his eyes, he rubbed them as he yawned cutely. His eyes slowly opened to you as you bowed your head and tucked your hair behind your ear.

“S-Sorry for falling asleep.” You began to feel the blush on your cheeks as you got up and turned to walk upstairs.

“No it is really ok. We called your parents, so if you want to stay for breakfast, you are welcome to.” Hansol said as he got up and walked behind you.

“Thank you” Sliding your hand gently into his, you smiled as his smile shined brighter. “Thank you for the wonderful date too.”

Hansol happily smiled as both of you smelled the beautiful scent of food lingering in the air as you both climbed the stairs to go eat some breakfast together.

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