My Block B Faves~~

Hello everyone!~ Welcome back to B-Bomb Tuesdays! This week, we're talking about our relationship with Block B, haha~

Let's jump right in!


How I Got Into Block B:

So a few towns over there is this arcade place that has a form of Dance Dance Revolution that is 45% filled with Kpop! It didn't have any songs I was familiar with at the time, but the name 'Block B' was familiar enough that I knew it was Kpop! Through this game, I fell in love with the songs Very Good and Her, and then I decided it was time to stan them, and asked my friend for help!


How I Chose My Bias:

At first, I wasn't sure whether my bias would be Kyung or B-Bomb, but after enough time I decided on B-Bomb~

There wasn't one specific moment that made me love him, but I just adore him~~~


Favorite Block B Song:

Honestly, you can never make me choose between these;


I hope you enjoyed~ I'll see you all next Tuesday~ ❤

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