Indecent Proposal (Jackson & Mark Fan Fiction)

A new fan fiction series for Wild & Sexy with Jackson Tuesday. Every Tuesday there will be new chapter to the story. I hope you enjoy it.


main characters: Jackson, Mark and as female lead is Kim Seuni.

Two different men with a secret obsession. One wants to control her. The other just wants to be with her. What can a girl do when two different men are set out to seduce you? Does she have to chose?

Chapter 1

Jackson’s POV There she is! Dancing her booty off. She was with some friends. Mark found out that she was going out with her girlfriends for a girls’ night out. This was my opportunity to get close to her. The club was jumping with the latest dance tracks. I make my way to the bar, while keeping an eye on her. She looks so sexy tonight. I can't wait to get close to her. I have to be patience, or I'll ruin our plan. I was sipping in my drink by the bar, when she and her friends came up to order some drinks. I caught her eye. I lifted my glass and gave her a wink. Her shocked expression was priceless. I've been trying to persuade her for awhile now. I would've given up, but Mark insists that she is perfect for us. I'm not sure, because she's too stubborn and independent but then again, those are also her most attractive qualities. I can see she's getting angry to see me here at the club. I know its not funny, but I find it hilarious when she gets angry at me. I love that she thinks she can handle me. She tells her friends something and points at my direction. After a few words exchanged, she walks towards me. Seuni’s POV I was having a great time dancing with my friends. I needed this night to get away from them. Mark and Jackson are driving me crazy. I know they are close friends, but what kind of game are they playing. They are both hitting on me. They both wanted me to go out with them. That's why I decided to join my friends to go dancing and drinking the night away. May be meet someone who isn't Mark or Jackson. We were dancing the night away. I was having a great time. MiNa wanted a drink, so we headed to the bar. That's when I saw him just casually sitting at the end of the bar. He was looking straight at me. I was so shock to see him there. Jackson has some nerves to show up. I told him I needed time to think. I was getting angry. How the hell did  he found out where I was going to be tonight?  I turned to MiNa, and asked How did Jackson know I'll be here tonight? I point towards him. MiNa says I'm not sure, the only person I mentioned  about our plans was Mark. I was hoping he'll show up. Yeah, I forgot MiNa has a huge crush on Mark. I don't have the heart to tell her that he's interested in me. I just mention about Jackson. She thinks I should give him a chance. I could but what about Mark? Is so confusing! That's why I need a night away. MiNa is my best friend and I'm falling for the man she wants for herself. Now here is Jackson! I need to take care of this right now. I tell MiNa that I'm going to talk to Jackson. I am going to find out once and for all what kind of game he's playing. He knows that Mark has been asking me out, so why is trying to seduce me with his dominant personality. How did he know? I find that somewhat attractive in a man. No! I can't think like that. If I let Jackson in my life, he'll take over it like he does with Mark for real, how does Mark puts up with his dominant nature. Whatever Jackson wants, Mark makes sure it happens. That's just a weird friendship in my opinion. Now I'm heading towards Jackson. He has made me royally mad, especially with smirk on his face while he winks at me! Some nerve! I'm going to give him a piece of my mind right now. I reach him and stand in front of him. What the hell are you doing here Jackson? Mark's POV I'm wondering how Jackson is doing. He told me to wait at home, but I'm really curious on how its going.

This was the first chapter of Indecent Proposal. It's written by me with the help of @luna1171. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please let us know what you think?


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