Bite Me | A Park Jimin Fanfiction (Ch. 15)

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Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~


WARNING!: There is some descriptive violence and language in this piece but it is not too bad! Just wanted to give a heads up ;)WARNING!: There is some descriptive violence and language in this piece but it is not too bad! Just wanted to give a heads up ;)


Day 15 | Panic

"Jimin, watch out!" Kai's voice echoed in the building, making Jimin's head turn. He was just in time as a zombie had approached from behind when he least expected it. He quickly dodged the attempt for his neck and turned right back around and ran his knife straight through it's skull. He quickly looked around and saw the others fighting more of them as well, knowing that they were going to do everything they can to get out of this. He ran towards Kai and helped him take down the three that were after him.

This was the second place they had gone out to scavenge. The first one that they had planned was a bust - already looted. The only thing they got was a single twinkie and that was gone within a matter of seconds. The second place had seemed much more promising and they were happy to come across it.

It was an old grocery store. It wasn't huge in size but it wasn't particularly tiny either. Being cautious, they had parked the car and headed in and were met with more zombies than they thought. They panicked at first, separating into groups and trying to take them down, but thankfully, they had been practicing. 

Kai ran to help Eun-Min as she was pinned to the wall, holding her gun in place of the zombie's teeth. It gnawed endlessly on the gun, trying to get through it to get to her. Kai came up behind it and used the machete they found on the last run to chop the head clean off. 

Jimin went over to help his father, Bong-Chul, but before he could reach him he had already taken them all out. His father gave him a thumbs up and that made Jimin laugh a little. Avri's father, Ho-Jun, was the last one to make a kill, the sound of it's death making them relax.

"Well, that couldn't have gone any better," Kai said, wiping his face with his shirt.

"Well we are in now. That is what counts," Bong-Chul said. "Now, enough chit chat and let's get what we can and head out before more show up. I am guessing the ones nearby heard the gun shots and they won't be too far behind." He stated. In agreement, they all grabbed what they could and it was a lot.

There was at least four huge dufflebags full of food and two more full of first-aid kits and medicine. 

They all then left after siphoning 3 full tanks of gas from the other cars in the parking lot and headed back to the cabin, satisfied with this run. No one got hurt, they got a lot of good stuff, and everything was fine. Until they got there. 

The last thing they were expecting was to pull into the house and find it to the brim with zombies. It was like they all froze at that moment, a million different thoughts racing through their heads. With no hesitation, they got out of the vehicle and immediately ran for the cabin. 

Slicing and shooting their way through what was left of the herd, they reached the door, surprised at the mess in front of them. Thankfully, they didn't see any blood or bodies but it sure did look like they had left in a hurry. 

"Shit!" Bong-Chul yelled. "Where are they?!" They looked for any hints of where they could go when Jimin suddenly noticed a tiny note folded up on the counter.

"Wait, guys!" Jimin called out, making the others come over in interest. "Look at this," He said, starting to read it out loud.

'If you guys get this we left for Taehyung's farm. Hope to see you there soon,'

And at the bottom was the classic Avri signature with a little heart over her i. They all sighed in relief at seeing the note.

"Well, guess we know where we are headed," Eun-Min spoke up. "We should probably grab what they left behind too. From what it sounds like, it seems they didn't have a lot of time." She stated, already looking around for what else to grab. The rest of the group started to gather what they could as Jimin stared at the note, feeling relief. Thank god they are alive, he thought.

He quickly put the note down and went to join the rest of the group as they gathered the items. It was morning by the time they were done and after packing up the car they left for the farm. 

They just hoped they were okay and that everything was fine....

But is it really?


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