We all long to be something. You, to me, and I, to you, long to become a gaze that won’t be forgotten. Last verse of the poem Young Do quoted yesterday- The Flower by Kim Chun-soo EPISODE 8 RECAP Tan talks to her outside. “Why didn’t you pick up? Did you go to YD’s hotel?” He calls her crazy for going. ES says in the U.S. she even went to the house of someone who could have been a drug dealer. “I’m not going to do something stupid.” Tan retorts, “That was stupid. Why did you follow me? What did you trust about me?” ES replies, “You aren’t someone like that.” Tan asks, “How do you know that?” ES can’t answer. All she says is that she went to help JY get the charges canceled. Tan is exasperated- “You believed that?” ES says she doesn’t, but she had to help out JY. He kept her secret. Tan yells that JY is going to transfer anyway. How many times does he have to tell her to not get involved in these type of situations? ES says it is his fault that YD keeps bugging her. Tan responds that this is why he is so worried. Because it is his fault. “That something will happen to you because of me. Please, I beg you. Don’t make me worry. Can’t you just do nothing?” ES yells back, “Can’t you leave me alone? My life is difficult enough already, but it seems YD has caught on to something, and with you, everyday it is getting more uncomfortable. I don’t want a lot in life. I just want to graduate and live just a bit better than now. I don’t know what to do.” Tan: “Shall I tell you? Leave my house immediately tomorrow. Do you want to keep going to school? Then start liking me now. If possible, sincerely.” Tan confesses directly, “I like you.” Tan states, “So from now on I will actively meddle in your affairs and invade your privacy.” ES tries to leave, saying she will pretend she didn’t hear anything, but Tan stops her. “You heard everything. You can’t pretend you didn’t hear anything.” ES wants to go in, but he wants her to answer him. Tan gets call from his dad, but he ignores it. ES gets call from KA. Tan tells her not to pick up, even though she says it is from his mom. ES says she needs to pick up. “This is the difference between you and men, and I think this is my answer.” Before ES can pick up the phone, Tan takes it from her and answers instead. He tells his mom he and ES are talking about something important. He hangs up. He says to ES, “We can close the difference between the us, and answer me again.” ES is confused, saying she wants her phone back and that she doesn’t understand what Tan is saying. Tan repeats what he said to her before: “Like me starting now. I like you. Which part was hard?” ES just keeps asking for her phone back, choking up and crying that the phone is expensive, and she needs to use it to text her mom…. Tan stares at her. “If I want to hug you right now, am I crazy?” ES exclaims, “I’ll kill you.” Tan hugs her. “Don’t cry. Don’t say you don’t like me. Say you’ll think about it. I beg you.” (PICTURE 1) Back at the Kim residence, KA wants to know why Tan and ES were together. Tan says he had to ask ES for a favor. He hit someone and didn’t want her to report to KA. The phone call to Tan was from dad. Seems he knows Tan hit YD. KA guesses it must have been JS who told on him. KA wants to know from ES who Tan hit. ES wants KA to hear directly from Tan. ES won’t answer. KA then warns, “Who are you to make Tan come to you? Do you think it makes sense that you meet Tan separately outside. If you keep behaving this way, you and your mom can’t stay in this house.” Dad heard that Tan hit YD. Tan notes that dad never had any interest before he went to the US or even when he was in the the US when Tan did even worse things. He was always busy with work. Dad says he was busy running the company. Tan: “Then we will get more inheritance than attention from you.” Dad says to Tan, “You’re mom is the chairman of school.” Tan retorts, “My mom is not the chairman, but your live-in girlfriend.” Tan sees ES come out of KA’s room, and he asks if KA yelled at ES. ES asks Tan to not talk to her at home. I don’t want things to become tiring.” She leaves to go to the kitchen. Tan follows her to the kitchen. He wants to know what KA said. He asks, “Will you accept if I apologize in her stead?” ES wants Tan to leave; she is worried that KA will come. Tan jokes around with ES so she can feel better, saying “Are you sure you anxious, not nervous because you are here with me? Unfortunately, ES is in no mood. Tan says he wants to make her feel better with these jokes. ES keeps telling Tan to leave, and Tan complains, “Why do you keep telling me to leave? This is my house.” ES replies, “Fine, then I will go.” Tan points out that everywhere she goes, is his house. “Do you know how happy I am that you are in my house?” ES avoids his gaze and just says, “Goodnight.” She leaves. Tan lies down on his bed. He picks up a book next to his head. The title reads, “Like we are living together.” In her room, ES thinks back to the time in the US with Tan and in Korea, and his confession. She sets her alarm even earlier. Her SNS account is updated again by Tan. Tan uploaded the pic of the book he was looking at. He has doodled on the book to change it from living to sleeping. It now reads, “Like we are sleeping together.” Tan also wrote, “Goodnight.” (PICTURE 2) The next morning at dawn, Tan is already at school by the time ES arrives. Seems he guessed she would do something like this to avoid him. He says he warned her that he would interfere actively in her life from now on. Tan pretends he doesn’t remember her asking him if he has nothing else to do. Tan notices her breakfast in her hand. He jokes that one might not be enough for her. Tan gets up to leave, saying he is leaving now that he knows she is here. ES asks, “Did you think I wasn’t coming to school?” Tan replies, “I thought about a lot of things all night long.” He ruffles her hair. “Let’s see each other during breaks. And listen to your teachers.” (PICTURE 3) Yoon has come to see Won at the hotel because Won hasn’t been picking up the phone since last night. Won says he was meeting someone yesterday, and left his phone at home. Yoon tells him that Zeus Hotel CEO, YD’s dad, want to have breakfast with him. Won, “Are he and I friends? Asking the night before to have breakfast the next day? Tell him I gave up eating.” Yoon laughs. Yoon suggest that Won meet YD’s dad now when he called first because Jeguk might have to ask to meet up with him later. Won learns that there is something is not working out with the JZ convention. The board has a meeting. It seems Jeguk is building the JZ convention building in Jeju and one of its tenants, another hotel chain, is backing out, wanting to become investors instead. Won wants everyone to start looking into other hotels that might want to come into this deal with Jeguk, including Zeus Hotel. It seems they were included before. Yoon asks Won about the meal with Zeus today. Won says to say no; he wants to keep Zeus on a short leash. At the end of meeting, Won confirms with Yoon that Dad has an examination today. Yoon asks, “Do you not want me to go?” Won snorts, “Right, like you wouldn’t.” Won leaves and Yoon asks to no one, “What is the genre of our relationship?” KA has a massive headache. ES’s mom is about to write to KA, “So stop downing alcohol.” She realizes this is inappropriate and tries to keep KA from seeing it. Pillow fight. Feathers in the air. The two ladies look crazy. But KA’s smile goes away as she realizes something. “I thought it was down, but it is chicken feathers.” Bo Na is reciting a poem on the school broadcast system. ES runs into Tan in front of the club room. ES is here to find out if she got into the club, and Tan is here because he overheard her talking to HS about this club. Tan offers to help ES get into the club; he is close to HS. After making another joke, he asks her seriously, “Are you thinking about it?” ES just replies, “Log out of my SNS account.” BN comes out of the room. She tries to run back in, but CY has come. While CY and BN flirt, ES tries to leave, and Tan tries to block her. ES is smarter than Tan, and she escapes, asking CY to help her study. She signals him silently to help her out of this situation. This leaves both BN and Tan pouting in jealousy. BN confronts Tan, thinking Tan has come to see her. “Do you still have feelings for me? I am really happy with CY.” Tan laughs and teases her. “You and I were happy too. You liked me a lot.” BN corrects him- she didn’t like him that much. Just enough. Tan smiles. “You’re still cute, Lee Bo Na.” BN assures him that she doesn’t like him anymore. Tan replies that he likes her. BN exclaims she has a boyfriend. Tan asks, “Does that boyfriend know that I like you?” BN exclaims, “How can he know something like that! Please forget me!” She storms off. Aww, it’s cute how loyal she is to CY. CY asks if something is up between ES and Tan; it seems like ES is avoiding Tan. ES replies that there are many reasons to avoid Tan since she is the housemaid’s daughter and he is the son of the master of the house. CY relays to ES that his dad asked about how she is doing in school, worried. CY and ES talk about how in junior high school, everyone thought CY was rich because his dad worked for a conglomerate. CY: “I learned it here. That my dad works for a conglomerate, but my classmate’s dad runs the company.” ES tells CY that she is looking for a chance to confess to the kids the truth about her status. CY advises her to keep her secret; JY is transferring today. ES runs to try to find JY, but he is already on his way out. “I didn’t even get to say thank you.” YS shows up with other students. She introduces herself to ES and wonders what ES is looking at. They see it is JY. Boy next to YS says he wishes all the society’s charity works leave the school. At her locker, ES gets a call from “Don’t Answer.” She doesn’t pick up, but YD is right behind her and surprises her. He has seen what she saved him as in her phone. “Don’t answer what? My heart?” ES tells him to get out her way, but he teases/threatens her, calling her friend. She asks how they could be friends, so he asks, “Then do you want to be the flower?” When ES still tries to just leave, YD brings ups Tan. “Since you are acting this way, I’m curious what you saved Kim Tan as.” This immediately stops ES from leaving. She doesn’t hand over the phone to YD, but she changes his contact name to “Choi Young Do.” YD notes, “Things don’t move forward without Kim Tan.” YD notifies her that her name is on the bulletin board. ES is surprised and worried, and goes to see why. She sees she has gotten into the broadcast club. BN takes off the notice, wondering at the fuss that HS is making by putting up this kind of notice. Because of this, ES sees the note that she left for Tan in the US hanging here. Maybe Tan put up the broadcast notice himself to get ES’s attention? She takes it to Tan and asks how he saw the note back in the US. Flashback. We originally thought Tan didn’t notice the note, but he did! Tan asks, “What is that?” ES finds it fascinating that Tan saw this note. He wonders how she can leave a note like that on the bulletin board, but not call him back when he asked her to so many times. ES replies that she didn’t think Tan would actually see the note. She finally asks why he wanted her to call. Tan: “Where are you? Who are you with? When are you going? Can’t you not go? Don’t go. Stay with me a little longer. I miss you.” (PICTURE 3) R watches from afar. HS comes up to her, noting she must be really mad. HS seems to be enjoying this little situation. He is sucking on medicine. Tan says to ES that he didn’t come to Korea because of her, but she is one of the reasons. “You are thinking about it, right?” ES leaves, saying she has to go to class. Tan corrects her direction, because she is going the wrong way. HA! HS offers to beat up Tan. R says she will be the one to beat up Tan. HS makes a joke about his age, when R makes a remark about his eating the medicine. R laughs. HS says he won’t give her medicine even if she laughs. R asks, “Did I laugh?” HS: “Yes, Really pretty. He probably saw it too.” He nods his head toward Tan’s direction. Tan is looking at them. He yells at R to say there; he has something to say. Tan tells R that he like ES. R replies angrily, “So what? Do you want permission? Do you want me to bug off? Do you think I didn’t know?” Tan replies, “I don’t need permission from you.” R asks why Tan has turned back into a little kid. Even if he avoids R, he will end up with another rich girl and definitely not ES. Tan replies he has thought about this, but now he isn’t going to. He is going to do it all later, but for now, he is just going to just go ahead. Tan says he has a lot of obstacles to overcomes- “lot of mountains to climb over”- besides R, so he wants them to return to being friends, so he doesn’t have to climb over her too. R replies, “Just doing whatever you want first is very much like an eighteen-year-old thing to do. But you thought wrong. You also thought I wouldn’t get hurt, but that was wrong too.” R walks away, trying hold back the tears. oon has come to see Daddy Kim who is getting an examination. Everything looks good for now. Yoon notices the envelope. Dad wants Yoon to deal with HJ by the end of this month. Dad knows that Yoon knows ES’s mom. They used to be neighbors, and ES’s parents use to run a food vendor. Yoon visited often because he like them because they were nice people. KA also told Dad that ES’s family has some debt left over from the hospitals bills for ES” dad before he died. They are still paying it back now. Uh oh, Dad is going to use this as ammunition! Yoon asks why Dad is helping ES. Dad says, “She will hear from at least a hundred people why she can’t be close to Tan.” Yoon and E run into each other at Jeguk high. E has come to talk to JS about Tan hitting YD. Yoon is prickly towards E. He says he just heard clearly why he and E broke up. “I heard through a hundred people why you and I can’t be. Why do people like you talk through a hundred people instead of saying it directly? Isn’t that a bit cheap?” E replies, “I don’t know. There is always a butler at home.” Yoon gets a call. E doesn’t believe it is from a woman, but Yoon answers, “Hello, Hyun Joo.” On the other side of the line, HJ is telling Yoon that she is about to go to her tutoring job, and she will meet up with him later. HS sees HJ eating at the convenience store, in a hurry to eat. So he texts her saying he is going to be late about twenty minutes. HJ relaxes a bit. (PICTURE 4) At his home, HS asks her what she ate for dinner, since she always seems so tired. He gets close to smell her breath. HJ is all business, and HS asks if he can call her anytime he has a question. She replies yes. HS looks on with HJ with interest, but HJ doesn’t even notice. (PICTURE 4) YD and his dad are at the judo studio again. YD bargains with his dad. YD has never won a match against his dad, so if he wins, his dad has to cancel the family picture photo shoot. The match starts, but YD’s dad cheats by choking YD, and YD loses. YD complains that his dad cheated, and dad points out that he never gave YD any rules, only told him to win. There is no judge here but YD was trying to fight fairly. “People only remember the result. The result that you just lost.” What did teaches a son to cheat?!?! At her cafe job, ES ignores YD’s call, but is surprised to see that YD is actually calling from the café. ES asks how he knew she was here. YD says he was surprised to learn while he was researching about her is that she became rich through her part-time jobs. ES gets scared, thinking he knows everything. ES: “What answer do you want from me?” YD replies, “You don’t have to say anything. I came because I was lonely.” YD is telling ES that he canceled the charges he filed against JY when Tan shows up. YD sneers at ES. “This is cheating.” Tan sits down in front of YD. He asks how YD knew this place. YD replies that the fact that he knows about this part-time job, means he knows about all her other part-time jobs. Tan tries to pretend this isn’t worrisome. He points out that YD also works in the kitchen of the hotel and odd jobs. YD replies, “Stop pretending you don’t understand what I mean.” YD wants to know how Tan knows ES works here. Tan replies it is because he is always one step ahead of YD. YD warns, “So watch out for your back. I am one step behind you.” Tan snaps back, “So you can hit be in the back of head with Cha Eun Sang? Don’t waste your energy.” YD: “Why? Are you two dating?” Tan: “Do we look good together?” YD: “Why are you asking something so horrid like that?” Tan affirms, “We look good together.” YD’s smile disappears. Tan: “Don’t bother ES. I am warning you.” YD replies, “You’re attacking straight on? That’s not a good strategy. Watch out for your knees. There are no rules on my mat.” Other employee interrupts this testosterone fight. The two were too busy with each other to notice that ES left. She bought them drinks. ROLF. Out they come, both sipping their drinks, but while Tan’s car is still there, YD’s motorcycle has been towed. Tan is absolutely thrilled. (PICTURE 5) Won waits outside of HJ’s home. He see HJ get out someone’s car. Livid, he rushes out of his car. HJ is saying she will think about his (the car driver) offer. Won rushes up and wants to know whose car she is getting out of at this time of night. He is surprised to see Yoon and vice versa. Won starts to say to Yoon that he won’t make excuses, but Yoon says Won doesn’t need to since this is something he doesn’t need to know about. HJ starts to say that Yoon shouldn’t misunderstand; she and Won are not like that. But Won just pulls her closer and says to Yoon that he will see him tomorrow. Yoon just nods and leaves. Won wants to know why she met Yoon. HJ finds out this way that Won didn’t know Yoon was meeting her. HJ says she was giving Yoon advice about CY’s tutoring. Won wonders if HJ is the only tutor in this world. HJ is worried that Daddy Kim will find out. Won replies, “Then you can just work and support me.” HJ retorts that she doesn’t earn a lot tutoring. Won: “So you don’t want to?” HJ: “Of course. Just go home.” Won replies that he has nowhere to go. He came out of the house. “Can I stay over at your house?” HJ exclaims, “You really left?” Won: “Don’t yell. I live everyday with the feeling I am being yelled at.” HJ is still worrying over the fact that Won left his home. Won: “You will never say you will let me sleep over.” (PICTURE 6) Tan is about to knock on ES’s door when she comes out. She pretends that KA is coming to joke around with Tan, but KA actually does come, and Tan and ES hide in the closet. In the dark space and close proximity, we get what we can expect from two hormonal teenagers. Tan leans in for a kiss, but…..he stops. He steps back and casually says, “Mom left.” ES opens her eyes. Embarrassed, she steps on his feet and leaves, leaving Tan wincing in pain. (PICTURE 7) Tan has followed ES to the wine cellar where she does her homework because she wants to let her mom sleep. Tan asks why ES just ran away before. Because of YD? ES jabs, “Because of you.” Tan asks what the two talked about. ES replies, “Something strange.” She tells him that YD said he was lonely. “He did really look lonely.” Tan, jealous, exclaims, “So you talked to him, met his gaze, and all that?!” ES denies this but Tan asks then how YD knows all about her part-time jobs. ES replies, “How can I explain? I found that out too just then.” It dawns on Tan. He realizes that YD is not bothering ES anymore because he wants to annoy Tan but because YD wants to see ES. (PICTURE 8) YD lies on the sofa thinking about ES and all his interactions with her. MS asks what he is thinking about. Young quietly replies, “Cha Eun Sang.” MS asks why YD would be thinking about her? YD replies, ” Exactly. I am also thinking about why I am thinking about that upstart.” Next day. YD and R are dressed up for the family picture. Before they can start shooting, however, YD smiles. A woman shows up. Woman says hi to YD’s dad, calling him oppa. YD says hi to the woman, calling her ahjumma. He also spills the beans on how he saw her a week before at their hotel to see his dad. E is mad, saying she can’t smile for pictures anymore. E leaves. R follows, smiling. YD says to his dad, “You said even cheating was part of the game. The important thing is the result. Win in any way possible. Now people will only remember I just won.” R says she owes YD now. YD replies she can pay him back next time, but for now, she needs to give him want he wants. He wants ES’s re-entry card that R took from ES on the plane before. R wonders why he wants this information, but YD replies that she doesn’t need to know. Before YD leaves, however, R tells him that Tan said he likes ES. “He confessed to me. Can you take care of that?” YD asks what she will do in return. He might ask for something she can’t give. R says he can tell her after he takes care of this. (PICTURE 8) Lunchtime. Outside at school, ES is listening to music through her earphones, and Tan scares her. She hits him, and he whines that it really hurts. It seems it was just an excuse for lots of cute touching. ES asks him to stop surprising her. Tan points out she just didn’t notice he was following her because of her earphones. ES wonders why he was following her. Tan replies it is because she won’t let him talk to her at home. ES snaps back, “That’s not the only thing you try to do.” Heh, awkward silence. Tan smiles. “Are we going to just talk about that freely now?” ES gets up, embarrassed. She wants him to come in 5 minutes after her. The two bicker cutely about how ES has not bought food for Tan yet like she promised. (PICTURE 9 - PIC ABOVE) Cafeteria. YD takes ES’s plate from her and places it on his table. ES: “What are you doing?” Young Do replies, “What do you think? Because I want to eat with you.” ES remembers back to what happened to JY sitting with YD last time in the cafeteria. She gets scared, thinking this is going to happen to her. She doesn’t want to, but YD’s sidekick sits her down. BN and YS watch this. YS guess that ES is YD’s next target, but wonders why? Isn’t ES rich? BN looks for CY or Tan, asking why they aren’t coming. Aww, is she worried about ES? Young Do eats, but ES just sits there, shaking. ES asks what it means for her to sit here. YD replies that is is nothing. He is just comfortable in this seat. ES tells Young Do to stop this if he is using her to make Tan angry. She has nothing to do with Tan. YD smiles and replies, “Really? I don’t have anything to do with him either.” Tan comes in and sees YD and ES. It looks like to him that YD is bullying ES. His face grows hard, and he walks over to the table. “What are you doing?” YD: “We are eating. Tan yells, “Get up!” ES gets up. YD throws down his fork and gets up too. To Tan: “What is this meal etiquette? Do I have to teach you manners in front of all these people?” an pushes his anger down and says ES had previous appointment with him. He grabs ES and is walking away with her when YD trips ES. She falls, and food gets all over her shirt. Tan gets mad and grabs YD by the collar. ES begs him to stop. “I am the one that fell.” YD: “You’ve let your guard down because I have been nice to you these days.” Tan: “I’m going to kill you.” YD: “Instead of you, I made ES get on her knees. Isn’t it beyond your expectations?” Tan is about to punch YD, but ES stops Tan. She pleads for Tan to take her out of here. Tan lets go of YD and takes ES out of there, walking right past R. R hands ES’s card to YD but not before she says, ” You made ES get on her knees, but you gave her wrists to Tan.” (PICTURE 9 - PICS BELOW) ES cries on the roof, with Tan standing far behind her. Tan asks if she was hurt. ES replies no. Tan wants to check, but ES doesn’t want him to come. He’ll get dirty. Tan comes anyway and tells her to stay still. He is checking her hands when ES gets a call. It is from YD. ES is scared. Tan is about to take the phone from her, but ES tells him not too. She wants to pick up because ignoring YD doesn’t work. “He knows I am not rich. He knows everything!” Tan: “It’s okay even if he knows. Don’t answer.” ES: “How could it be okay? Choi Young Do knows everything.” Tan warns her again to not pick up. ES picks up the call and says, “hello,” but Tan stops her from saying more by kissing her. (PICTURE 10) cr:

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