Infinitely Dramas Wednesday

Hello Inspirits! It's Melissa with my Infinite feature called Infinitely Dramas Wednesday. I'll be continuing on with Hoya. Now I'm going to share some dramas that he had supporting roles in. These are supporting roles, but in my opinion had big impacts in the dramas.

The first one is My Lovely Girl (2014)

Hoya's character was the leader of Infinite Power. Here are his cuts from the drama.

He's character can be viewed as the bad guy. Dramas like this makes you wonder if idols do really act this way. I hope its not true that they put up a front in front of cameras. Sorry getting off topic.

Now for his other supporting role in a drama called Mask (2015)

Hoya's character was Byun Ji Hyuk. He was the main actress brother. His character was a struggling person who wanted to help his family. Here is a MV of his character in the drama 'Mask'

Now for Hoya's cut in the second episode.

From what I've seen, this drama looks pretty intense. Its a bonus because Hoya comes out in it. I need to add this to my watch list.

Well that's all for this week's Infinitely Dramas Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Hoya's acting abilities.

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