AHU Coils: 6 Basic Types of Coated Coils You Must Know!

Protective coil coatings are highly beneficial in increasing the efficiency of the condensing units like air conditioners and refrigerators. For instance, hydrophilic coated coils enhance the life of the systems by offering long lasting corrosion protection to the appliances. This article will assist you to understand different types of coating techniques and their usage. Read here!

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There are a plethora of coil coating techniques available in the market that immensely help to increase the efficiency of the condensing units. Some of them are-

Technicoat –

Hydrophilic –Hydrophilic coated coils

Heresite –

E-coat –

Thermoguard-Thermogurad and hydrophilic coated coils

Esgard –

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