Journey to gorgeous Ba Na Hills

I finally start writing my review and it's been three days since I came back from my funny trip to Da Nang Vietnam. I think Vietnam is slightly underrated by the world, it might not be that glamorous country or ultra picturesque any way your head turns, but it's something beyond that.Hoi An

Ba Na Hills was a 45-minute car ride distance from Da Nang and the location was rather isolated in a glance. Ba Na Hills is located at the Truong Son Mountains at the west of Da Nang, 1487m above from the ground and often referred as the "climate pearl" of Vietnam! And because of this height, the best way to get to Ba Na Hills is by cable car.

Breath-taking views on the way to Ba Na Hills by cable car

Did I mention that the Ba Na Hills cable car currently holds the record for the longest cable car ride in the world with 5 KM distance from the starting point to the peak of French Village? I enjoyed every bit of it, along with the beautiful-misty natural scenery and eye candy mountain silhouettes, somewhat so medieval but GORGEOUS!

The whole area consist of 9 gardens: Love Garden, Mystery Garden, Legendary Garden, Memory Garden, Heaven Garden, Grape Garden, Thought Garden Suoi Mo Garden and Sacred Garden.

The Love Garden is truly one of the most beautiful places that I fall in love at first sight.

the area was filled with various beautiful and colorful fresh flowers and arranged accordingly to certain form and shapes almost Art Nouveau

This place really made me feel like staying in a European countryside.

in French Village, I felt more like being in London in a good way

There are a lot of couples doing pre-wedding photoshoot there, if I were them I would definitely take advantage of the current situation as well, you got a beautiful backdrop and natural misty surrounding.

Gosh this place makes me feel genuinely happy. You know one of those moments in your life when you have this happiness in your heart and when you look at the beautiful nature you're just grateful that you're in that moment. I mean I am grateful for my life everyday, but this was just an exceptional experience. I just like this kind of place and I don't always need to explain why.

However, Da Nang has more than just Ba Na Hills or Linh Ung pagoda. If you want to find more interesting tours, get to know about it where I showed you everywhere you need to go and to do in Da Nang.

I believe that right after you’ve done reading about it, you won’t be able to wait anymore for a real trip to this tourist attraction.


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