Ailee Lends Her Voice for Drama Secret (Love) & Secret Ep. 12 Ending (*SPOILER ALERT*)

Ailee's heavenly voice is play out on the background on the recent two episodes of Secret creating that lovely mood of love in the air between MH and YJ. The song is called 'Tears Stole The Heart' and it has some pretty strong lyrics which go along a lot with the drama. As for episode 12's ending....well how can you put it into words? Wasn't that a freaking KO or what? I seriously did not see that surprise kiss come out of nowhere! I guess it makes up for dissatisfying us with the unfinished kiss in the beginning of the episode, but man was that kiss powerful or what? You can just feel the emotions behind this drama it's overpowering and beyond amazing! Sadly no preview yet, but as soon as I see it I'll make sure to share it. Can't wait for the next episode! Peace. :)

ELLO! I'm a huge k-drama/k-pop addict, hahaha. If you guys like you can follow me on twitter or tumblr! ^.^ Peace <3
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