Seriously, What Are These Companies Thinking?

I just don't understand companies sometimes, and this is one of those times.

On April 18, MBK Entertainment decided to release the phone number of DIA member Jung Chaeyeon to commemorate the release of their second album. The response was explosive. On April 19, the agency stated, “We have received over 20,000 text messages and tens of thousands of missed calls.”

Like, DUH.

But for that I'm sure it wasn't her real number and she didnt have to answer many calls, but still... And a few people with similar phone numbers got harrassed too!

On the left is the number that was made public, on the right is someone with a similar number. Their username is now NOT JEONG CHAEYEON and their status is "this isn't Jeong Chaeyeon's number, please check it!" because they were getting calls and messages day and night.

Luckily they understand this wasn't Chaeyeon's fault at all and just a super whacky move by her company.

Le sigh.


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