Yoongi x Jimin Vampire Rush: Stain Me Part 9 (+19)

Suddenly I felt a blow to my head then I heard Bre screaming. I pushed a cold body and reached for Bre but something grabbed her. I continued to fell pain but all I could see were shadows and hear voices. I couldn't hold back and suddenly I left my body.

I could see clearly like it was day time. Then I felt the blood pumping and this beast inside was in charge. I was moving like lightening and I heard bones cracking and the taste of blood. Then I felt two other poaitive forces. I instantly smelled Jimin's scent...a citrus and amber scent.

As everything slowed down the bodies fell. Jimin, Yoongi, and I stood over the weak party. They fell on their knees crying.

"Oh please princess forgive us. We were deceived!"

Then I heard their thoughts.

I hope she forgives us so we can attack again.I hope she forgives us so we can attack again.

Imma kill that bitch and all she loves as soon as I recover.Imma kill that bitch and all she loves as soon as I recover.

I walked around them and softly played with their hair. I smiled while exposing my fangs.

"Oh the puppies are so sorry. They want to be forgiven?" I said as if I was talking to a baby.

I paused and smirked. "Well there is no forgiveness for you! I know your true hearts!" Suddenly, I could see their souls and all the evil they have done and planned to do. Then they began to burn as I envisioned them. There was nothing but screams as they burned quickly.

I grabbed Bre and hugged her. She appeared scared. She pushed out a smile and then Yoongi grabbed her. Jimin kissed me but his thoughts were racing in his native language.

Bre Thoughts....


We are walking down the street to the subway. The night was still but still young. Yoongi amd I had about 4 hours to be together. Jessamine scared me. I know she can be crazy but that was like a whole different person.

Did she even know that her accent changed and she was speaking in aome old ancient language? She knew some Spanish but not anything old like that. Her eyes were wild and this deep tiger green color.

Maybe again I only made this up in my mind. I was scared. Yoongi said I called out to him and Jessamine did the same. I really don't remember. Maybe this vampire mate thing is just that strong.


Yoongi hand rested on Bre's knee as her thoughts raced. Jessamine was ease drooping on Bre's thoughts. She was shocked but confused. Yoongi began softly kissing Bre to get her out the cold stare she had for the last 10 mins.

Bre felt his soft cold lips and began giggling. Jimin was making cute faces at Jessamine making her laugh. They guys goal was to ease their mates worries.

They wandered to the guy's place. Jessamine was in the kitchen cooking ramen as Bre was making a mixed drink to go with it. Jimin haf his hands around Jessamine's waste. Suddenly, she laughed and said something in Korean.

Jimin paused and Yoongi almost choked. "Okay so we need to address this. What the fuck is up with all these language changes?" Yoongi blurted.

"Yoongi what are you talking about? Bre was blabbing about that in her thoughts." Jessamine said.

"Jessamine I told you about invading my thoughts you promised!" Bre whinned.

"I'm sorry. I was concered about your reaction Bre. Arn't beaties concerned about each other?"

Jessamine walked over to Bre and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry."

"Well okay Jessa."

"Speaking of best friends I wish mine gave a fuck about me." Yoongi said while staring and Jimin.

"Look we are not about to argue about this Yoongi. Jessamine is mine." Jimin grunted.

"Baby. You could bite me to get the juices flowing and pass me over to Yoongi. No big deal." Jessamime suggested.

"Yeah I would approve Jimin. I just want Yoongi as much as...I mean please. Plus it will make the squad stronger." Bre said.

Jimin grunted and made curses in Korean. He stared at Jessamine and then paced. Jessamine telepathically.


Baby don't be like that. He is your brother.Baby don't be like that. He is your brother.

So what Jessamine you are mine and he always want what is mine.So what Jessamine you are mine and he always want what is mine.

Look at the bigger picture baby. BesidesLook at the bigger picture baby. Besides

Yoongi don't want me and can't have me.Yoongi don't want me and can't have me.

Suddenly Jessamine heard nothing. Jimin quickly walked over to Jessamine and pulled her away from Bre. He began kissing all over Jessamine while pulling her toward Yoongi. Jessamine gasped yet she was super embarrassed. Suddenly Jimin bit into Jessamine's neck as his thumb opened a slit into her wrist. He offered it to Yoongi.

Yoongi quickly took it and drank. The sweet pure blood rushed into him. It was better than any cake or any blood he tasted. He could feel sparks flying. He wanted more. He dug his fangs deeper makjng the wound bigger. Suddenly Jimin yanked his head away.

"Enough Yoongi!" Jimin said with his red eyes.

Yoongi sat back on his feet and began laughing as he licked his lips. "You taste so good!" He blurted.

"Yoongi what the fuck?" Bre smacked him.

Yoongi grabbed Bre and he ran off to his bedroom. Suddenly you could hear heavy breathing and Bre screaming his name in pleasure.

Jessamine was in Jimin arms. He looked super pissed. Jessamine kissed him.

"You did a self less thing my love."

"Yeah I know."

"I have questions though." Jessamine said.

"Lets just eat and watch TV...maybe make love. I will answer all the questions you have over breakfast baby." Jimin grinned and kissed her forehead.

"Okay papi." Jessamine said.

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