Chanyeol Game (Card 1 results)

Results card for Chanyeol Game, come check out the scenerios for how he asks you to prom!!!!

first card!

3 Scenario’s asking to prom


Your gaze slid up from the ground not wanting to walk into the person standing in front of your. Slowly your eyes widen in shock as you place the face and who is standing there.

“Chanyeol!” You gasp.

A smile tugs at his lips and he nods.

“You are U/N right?” He asked holding a picture to your face to compare. He nodded his head. “Its nice to meet you” chanyeol grins at you.

“Uh, what are you doing here?” You sputter out shocked

“I thought it would be nice to ask you to prom” a pink tint shadowed over his cheeks. “I have never done this before but that's what the guy does right? Asks the girl to prom” he was rambling sounding nervous.

You nod your head. It was sinking in this was real, a grin flew on your face and nod.

“Thank you! Thank you for asking me” you couldn't help the reflex of reaching out and grabbing his hands. He didn't seem shocked by the contact but looked relieved.

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The words on the radio filtered through your ears slowly.

“We have a special guest with us today, Chanyeol from Exo” the radio head said.

“Hi everyone” chanyeol said.

“What is the occasion for you to come in today, we weren't expecting you. Not that we aren't happy your hear, but curious” The radio head said.

“I wanted to do something special for the winner of the concert. I want to ask her to prom. I hear it's every girl's dream to be asked to it” Chanyeol said.

You hand slips up to cover your mouth holding in a squeal of excitement.

“Wow! That's something nice. Hey! Why don't you call her here and ask her” the radio head said.

You heard the call go through on the radio before feeling it vibrating in your pocket. Taking the headset off you answer the phone.

“Hello this is U/N” you answer before they could ask your name.

“U/N hi! Your live and on the radio with Chanyeol” radio head said.

“Hi U/N, heh I bet your on your way to school right now” Chanyeol said making you chuckle

“Yes, I am Chanyeol” you couldn't believe you were talking to him.

“Are you a senior?” He asked.

“Yes, I'm graduating in a few months and will be done with high school and into college” you say giving more away than you realized.

“I see, well I don't want you to be late for first class” chanyeol said brightly “but I wanted to ask you to prom officially” Chanyeol said.

You couldn't help your reaction, spinning around, jumping up and down all while trying not to sound like you were, it didn't work.

“I think from your reaction your happy with this” chanyeol chuckled.

“Thank you oh you are the sweetest man to do this for me” you exclaim. After a little more gushing Chanyeol told you to head onto school and not be late. Such a sweet guy he was.

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A crowd was forming in front of the school entrance blocking your way to get inside. Sighing you wondered what the commotion is about to make people stay outside. As your walking through the crowd finally you make it to the front only to stop and stare! How could you not. Placed above the doors was a large banner that read “Will you go to prom with me?”

You wondered who this big show was for looking around to see if there was a couple around but there was, well there actually were several, a few guys took advantage of the gesture to ask girls to the prom, but the moment your eyes saw Chanyeol, and yes even though he had a hat on, sunglasses and mask over his mouth. Him in that beige heart shirt you could tell instantly.

Moving towards the far corner where he was you stopped in front of him.

“Keep moving, nothing to see here” he gestured but you didn't move.

“I know you” you narrowed your eyes on him. “What are you doing here?” You ask.

“I'm waiting for the winner of the contest” he said.

“That's me. I'm U/N” you say sounding confused “but I planned it on the weekend, on prom not today” you said confused.

“Your U/N?” Chanyeol took his sunglasses off and looked at me. He pulled a picture out and looked at it than me and nodded.

“I came to ask you to prom today U/N” Chanyeol said dazzling me with a killer smile. Smiling back at him you nod.

“Yes! Oh Yes!” You tried keeping your excitement in, not wanting to scare him by jumping up and down in happiness.



Stay tuned for Card 2 to see what will happen next!

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