One reason why I love dance

So there's some pretty amazing dancers in the kpop scene but one that really stands out and is one of my favorites is Lee Howon aka Hoya. He is actually one of the reasons why I wanna learn to dance. He inspires me. Now let me tell you, more like show you, why. This dance right here is one of my favorites of his. You can feel the emotions he's portraying as if they were your own.

This is one of his most recent dance solos and another one that really touches you when you watch dance. Never fails to give me goosebumps.

Okay now this one is a killer. Not only is he dancing to this song he also did a cover of his. So hearing him sing this song in English plus dance to it is sexy af!

Hoya I don't think I asked you to kill me...again. But since when do you ever listen?!

Him dancing to random Infinite songs at the end plus that laugh = cuteness overload.

And here is Hoya dancing with my other favorite dancer, Dongwoo.

Yeah you know I had to add his Hit The Stage performance. He seriously should've won this one too.

So to put it simply Hoya always takes my breath away when I watch him dance. He never fails to convey the emotions he wants you to feel while he's performing and boy do you. Another thing that's make him a great dancer is his versatility. He's very talented in all different types of dances whether it's contemporary, hip hop, Infinite's dances or freestyle. He excels in them all. ❤️ **if you would like to be tagged or untagged in all future cards comment below** ● • Wincircle Squad • ● @WinKonVIP@VeronicaArtino@MelissaGarza@Bangtanss@xoxorittie@LtheKid8@BBxGD THE WINKONICS SQUAD♡♡♡ @IsoldaPazo@XxGummybear92xX@SuperJuniorelf@locoforjiyong@reyestiny93@WinKonVIP@johnEvans@vipgirl5@KAddict@LysetteMartinez@Moose1998@MrsChoiJunHong@janessaakemi@JuanitaBooRiv@amberg171997@punkpandabear@salo@himeoppa@B1A4BTS5ever@LocoForJiyong@JohnEvans@xxchicharitoxx@AubriePope@LemonLassie@twistedPuppy@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KpopQueenaBee@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@LisetteZapata@kikie311@GiriBoyXAOMG@swarrier16@mrsjeon@JewelsLouise1@Sherrysahar@Stephany123@MelissaGarza@Taekookimonster Konie Crew 2.0 :@XxGummybear92xX@xoxorittie@IsoldaPazo@WinKonVIP@Sailynn@LiyahBoon VIXXEN squad: @Helixx@WinKonVIP@AimeeH@LemonLassie@StephanieDuong@JiyongLeo@turntuptae@AlexisJ15@awkwardjazzy@adritae@xoxorittie@InfinitySky@ChaErica@CrookedShadow Gorilla Mod Squad@awkwardjazzy@ChaErica@mbg3t @JiyongLeo@yehetmyohorat97@xoxorittie@Changkyunie@MelissaGarza@AlexisJ15@Infinitysky@KenyaMendoza Tree Protectors:@IsoldaPazo@XxGummybear92xX@StefaniTre@awkwardjazzy@xoxorittie@Tinytreeleaf KDramatics@VeronicaArtino@luna1171@twistedPuppy@WinKonVIP@SatinSkies@xoxorittie@KokoroNoTakara 24k community moderator:@kitkatkpop@jjrockstar@xoxorittie@awkwardjazzy Alice's In Wonderland:@xoxorittie@InfinitySky@ChaErica@awkwardjazzy@Sailynn Day6 Mod Squad:@Baekyeol27@MaeLyn@xoxorittie@ChaErica@awkwardjazzy

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