Till Death Do Us Part- Part Seven

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Part 7/?

Word Count: 1297

In the surgery room it is completely silent. The main doctor for the operation tells everyone how difficult and life threatening this surgery is going to be.


One of the nurses speak up.

“Doctor, I know you just got out of a major surgery, are you sure you want to do this one too? Like you said it’s going to be a long and straining surgery, I can just call in Doctor Jung. I’m sure he’s-”

“No! I can do it. I don’t need you all to doubt me! I...owe it to her…” the doctor’s voice booms through the room, causing the staff to jump but trails off toward the end.

“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to…” the nurse says.

The doctor’s voice softens. “No, it’s fine. I can do it, I just need everyone to believe in me. I can do this.”

Everyone looks around at each other because it sounded like the doctor was trying to talk himself into believing he could do it. Like he wasn’t confident that he could even though he’s performed hundreds of surgeries like this before.

“Okay everyone, let’s begin.” he says walking closer to the surgery table.

After four hours the surgery was complete. The team stopped the hemorrhaging and was able to close all sources of internal bleeding, but you were still unconscious.

You were moved into a hospital room and were checked on every half an hour for signs of regaining consciousness. A nurse was doing a regular check up on you when she sees your eyes slowly open. She looks at you shocked unable to speak and finally runs out of the door screaming for the doctor to come in.

Again? What happened this time?

You tried to sit up but you couldn’t you had a neck brace on, a cast on one of your arms, and on one of your legs. Your feel yourself starting to panic because you aren’t sure if you were dreaming or if this was real life. The door bursts open and you can’t turn your head to see who it was. Maybe they would be able to tell you what happened to you.

“No-noona…” you hear someone say while trying to catch their breath.

Noona? Who could it- Your mind goes blank in that second. That voice...it could only belong to one person. Jihyun. Park Jihyun. Jimin’s brother. How did he know you were here? No...there’s no way he’s your doctor. What are the chances of this even happening?

He finally comes to your bedside and you see his face. You feel like you’re dreaming. You haven’t seen him in years, even before Jimin left you. The last thing you heard about him was that he was studying abroad to become a doctor. But once Jimin left, everything that was a reminder that he was real disappeared with him including his brother.

“Noona...I’m so happy you’re awake.”

“Ji-Jihyun...wh-what happened? Why am I here? How are you...” you have a million questions circling your head right now and you don’t know where to start.

“Noona, it’ll be okay. We have to take this all day by day. We have to start slow.”

“Can you please tell me what happened?”

“You...you were hit.”

“Hit...hit by what?”

“A car, and you almost didn’t make it. I tried so hard to save you.”

That night came flashing back to you like a movie. You remembered being so scared, not knowing where to go or what to do, running for your life, and then crashing into the ground after being hit by a car. Your mom, and your dad...was all of that real? Or did you just dream the part about your parents?

All of the memories flooding back to you caused a sharp pain on the right side of your head. You grab it with your hand and wince at the pain. “Aghhh. It hurts so bad.”

“Noona, what is it? Where does it hurt?”

“My head...it’s pounding, and feels like it’s about to split open.” you say through clenched teeth closing your eyes still grabbing ahold of your head.

“Nurse, I need you to perform a CT scan her head right away, that side is where there was the internal bleeding.”

“Yes, Dr. Park, we will get her there right away.”

“Noona, you will be fine, I promise, please just trust me.”

Jihyun reminded you so much of Jimin, in the way he talks, acts, and the way his eyes crinkle up when he smiles. Now that he’s older, he’s a splitting image of Jimin and it almost hurt you to be in the same room as him knowing that he wasn’t Jimin.

You were being rolled to the opposite side of the floor to get the CT scan on your head and you look at Jihyun who was rolling you and were burning to ask him questions about Jimin. He broke the silence by saying,

“Noona, do I have something on my face? You’re staring at me a little hard.”

“Uh...no, I..um...I’m sorry.” you say immediately looking down from embarrassment.

“I’m just kidding.” he said while laughing.

You didn’t want to look at him the rest of the way there because you were so embarrassed he caught you staring at him. You just couldn’t help it. He looked almost identical to Jimin, and that gave you some comfort even if it wasn’t him.

After the CT scan you were taken back to your room. The nurse reattaches you to the machines and leaves the room.

“We’ll have the results back in no time noona, so just make yourself comfortable. I’ll come right back in when I get them, I just have to check my other patients.”

There were a so many questions that you wanted to ask but you refrained yourself. Just one, you’ll just ask one question.


“Yes?” he said looking up from his files.

“Um...I just wanted to ask...how is-how is he doing?” you manage to get out.

He gives you a soft smile, but you can see sadness in his eyes. Picking his words carefully he replies with,

“He’s doing...good.”

“Good. I’m glad he’s doing good.” you say smiling to yourself.

He hesitates for a second wanting to say more, but he smiles at you and says, “Okay, I’ll be back noona as soon as I can!”

Elaine stops by after hearing that you were awake and spent a couple hours with you, crying most the time, while Jihyun came to you with the results. He said everything looked normal, but he and the rest of his team would closely monitor you for the next couple of days. After Elaine leaves, you spend the rest of the night staring at the ceiling and just think. Think about how your life has gone to a complete mess in the matter of months, how much you miss how simple everything was before, and how much you miss your parents, and Jimin. Seeing Jihyun only shows that what you had was real, and the feelings you have for Jimin are still real. You hear a knock on your door.

“Come in” you say with no energy.

You figured a nurse was coming in to check on you again for the hundredth time today.


Your head instantly jerks up at the sound of that voice.



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