Boys Republic Saturday

Hello my Royal Family. Suki, here to bring you...

I will be bringing you crazy outfits. I would like to say that our boys look good in anything, but sometimes I have to wonder what was the sylist thinking. One thing I have noticed is the stylist for Boys Republic really, really loves flowers.


I know OneJunn, why it always flowers. Makes you wonder if the stylist has something for flowers. Is he or she againist them or does he or she love them that much. I love flowers, but not enough to dress in them all the time.


I also have to wonder about these abstract outfits. Having one or two people in the group wear them, but for the whole group, I feel is kind of being to busy. They boys can pull any outfit off. Well this is all I have for this Saturday, till next time stay Royal! And please let me know what you think of these outfits.


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