Inseong and Dawon Day

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the fourth Inseong and Dawon day!

This week we are doing how the boy's would be as boyfriends!

(Beware I've never done one of these before so go in with low expectations!)


~Inseong like any boyfriend would love his girlfriend very much!

~If you spoke a different language other than Korean I think he would love for you to teach him some of your language. Or if you spoke English like he can I could see him totally speaking to you in English a lot.

~Since he's left handed expect lots of "Lefty's are smarter that righty's." Or if you also happen to be left handed expect "We're soulmates, we're both leftys!"

~He'll love to hold hands, anytime he can he will. He claims his hands are big but in reality they are a normal size, but he'll still claim they are to you.

~Since the member's won't let Inseong live expect him to whine to you a lot. They mess with him a lot!

~Also expect Jaeyoon to be at your place 24/7, those two are besties!

~Expect him to sing to you a lot. Before bed, when you wake up, or while making dinner it doesn't matter.

~He loves eating so expect a lot of dinner dates!

~Kisses would be sweet and slow. I don't think you'd makeout too often unless it was a special occasion. Maybe further on down the relationship.

~Inseong seems like a guy that would respect you and want to make sure you're comfortable before doing anything romantic. I could see him being scared to hold your hand at first but once you make it apparent you like him and that you want to hold hands and kiss he won't ask and just do it naturally!


~Again like Inseong, I think Dawon would be a great boyfriend to his girlfriend and he'd love her a lot!

~But Dawon is less "I'm going to take ten years to ask you out" and more like "I like her she's cute, I think I'll ask her out now!"

~Expect many inside jokes amongst the two of you. He is a jokester and loves to make you laugh.

~Dawon doesn't know what embarrasment is, so you should definitely get used to PDA. He doesn't care where you are he will kiss you if he wants to kiss you.

~If you spoke another language other than Korean he'd be down to learn it from you. I mean have you seen him speak English on ASC he loves it.

~Dawon would love to cuddle, I see him as more of touchy guy. So hand holding is a must as well.

~As for kissing, I think he's more of a "I'll kiss her when it feels right" type of guy. He isn't going to force a kiss on you but he'll definitely find the right moment whenever both of you are wanting it.

~He loves to dress up to look nice and he loves to eat. So expect a lot of dates at fancy restaurants!!

~I can see the members teasing him about his relationship with you but he doesn't let the teasing get to him because again he doesn't care. He loves you and you love him, that's all that matters to him.

~I could also see comedy movie nights being a recurring date night as well because this boy is hilarious!

(Sorry if those were awful!!!!)

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See you next week! ;)

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