10 Reasons to Love Inseong

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Sorry my Inseong card is late again. ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७

But, I honestly spent some time one this card. These are some of the reasons why I adore Inseong.

In comments feel free to tell us why you love your KNK bias. We would love to hear!

1. When KNK debuted I absolutely fell in love with their sound. I fell in love at the 12 second mark... In fact I remember that when I saw their first video I told all of my kpop friends about them and made a Vingle KNK profile card. It was Inseong's vocals that got me the most when I saw the video. I knew he was going to be dangerous... (*≧▽≦)

2. His laughing face is one of the cutest things. His mouth makes this adorable oval shape and shows nearly every tooth in his mouth. And his nose gets all scrunched... (´⌣`ʃƪ)

3. Since we are talking about his smile, let's talk about his adorable bunny teeth. They are too cute. Also this picture of him in this headband is adorable. lol. I changed my reason from teeth, he looks good in bunny ear headbands (≧∇≦)/

4. His eyes. Yes, I know in this gif his eyes look really tired from doing all that ISAC stuff but it doesn't make them any less beautiful. His eyes are worth getting lost in or having a staring cotest with. Granted I would lose in a second probably lol.

5. Why does he look so good in PJs when the other members were wearing suits during this photo shoot haha. The photographer probably had this happen

Inseong shows up in PJs

Photographer: where is your suit? This is a suit photoshoot

Inseong: I forgot it at home. #wokeuplikethis

Photographer: gah, okay fine.

Then the photoshoot probably started lolol. JK we all know he was told to wear those.

6. He is the King of selfies. He takes so many selfies there is usually 1 a day almost haha. I sometimes think it is all he is doing. Taking selfies. But i wouldn't have it any other way.

7. His hard work. Inseong has been between a couple different agencies, spent a lot of time on variety shows and has made it as a kpop idol. This man never gave up on his dreams and I love how hard he has worked to reach where he is now. keep working hard oppa! fighting!

8. His adorable and playful nature. Inseong may be hard working but he is also really playful and just as much of a maknae as the makane is. And I love it. You are only as old as you feel.

9. His hair in this photo. I'm not even gonna explain my feels lolz, but i am loving this messy hair. When will I see more photos?

10. The way he loves the other KNK members. Inseong loves every one of those boys and would do anything he could to ensure they were safe and taken care of. I have no doubts about that. He has a good heart. Even if all they do is pick on him all the time lol. But that's also why they do it, because they know he will still love them.

Well, those are 10 reasons to love Inseong. Who is your KNK bias? Why do you love them so? Let us know in the comments. Until next Wednesday everyone. (i'm sorry i'll get better >.>)

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