JB - Dream Dispute

“You don’t want my parents to come over, do you?” You questioned seeing your husband’s uncomfortable state

With a simple shake of his head from side to side told the harsh truth.

“Why?” You loaded single worded question in an attempt to understand his side of the story.

“Well…” JB sighed, wondering how to put this lightly in order not to offend you or your family,

“They always try to change things, especially when we like things just the way that they are…”

“When have they tried to do that?” You sat up a little taller, placing a bookmark between the pages of your chapter book.

“Remember at the wedding, they tried to change your flower arrangements, your cake design and not to mention all of the bridesmaid dresses?” JB gave a few examples. Knowing, very well, your stance on the issue from hearing about it for months on end afterwards.

“That was all under the stress of a wedding though…” You tried to reason with him, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth, knowing very well that there was more to emotions than

just stress.

“Alright then…” JB nodded as he stepped closer to you, easing himself down on a bar stool backing the island. “What about the time we wanted to go to the ocean, they changed your mind and you suddenly didn’t want to go after a year of planning and begging me to take you.”

“But that was different…” You told him, coy smile curled on your lips as you shook your head from side to side trying to convince yourself otherwise.

“Alright, then what about the time I asked you to be my girlfriend. You went home and told your parents how I asked you and they got angry, then I had to ask you again the “proper” way… more like their way.” JB had more than a few handfuls of these examples to pass out.

“So you don’t want them to come over?” You rounded back to the original question

“No, I don’t want them to change your mind, to change how we have our place. It should be our place, not their place that we live in.” JB began to grow in passion for his side that became the beginnings of a disagreement.

“They just want to come over and see the place” You told him, retracting your voice from the conversation.

“What are they going to think when they come here, huh? That we need to get better cutlery or plates? That our style doesn’t suit theirs and we have to change our couches?” JB began to point to various things that your parents could possibly point out.

“They wouldn’t do that…” You defended, your voice began to raise to combat JB’s argument.

“Are you sure about that?” JB posed, his eyes meeting yours. Doubt began to bubble in your mind as did emotions.

“Are you saying that my parents aren’t welcomed here?” You answered his question with one of your own questions, wondering where he stands.

Swallowing hard, JB kept his gaze with you as you stood up, knowing his answer without a single word.

“This is unbelievable” You muttered under your breath, grabbing your phone, you stood up and trotted over to the front door.

“______ what are you doing?” JB questioned in haste, unsure what you were doing.

“If my parents aren’t welcomed here, then I am not either” You stated your reasoning while you slipped your feet into a pair of sneakers. Not bothering to tie the sneakers, you grabbed a hoodie from the coat as you glanced over to see JB slipping off of his stool with a quickened pace towards you.

“Don’t do this, that isn’t what I meant!” JB tried to reason with you as he watched your fingers twist the lock and grasp the handle of the front door.

“Then what did you mean JB?” You flipped around, looking into his eyes, he again tried to formulate words while his tongue fumbled around in his mouth. “I guess you have nothing to say for yourself then.”

“_____ please, don’t leave. Where are you going to go for the night?” JB quickly changed tactics to try and have you think practically and rationally.

“I can stay at a friends, why would you care, you don’t care about my parents so you don’t care about me” You spat before flinging the door open and hastily making your exit.

“_______! _______!” JB tried to catch you before you escaped out the door, however, the door slammed before he could catch it.

“Don’t follow me!” You called through the door. JB’s hand wrapped around the handle on his side, trying to open it with all his might.

Holding the handle on the opposite side of the door, you felt his sheer power trying to pry the door open as you continued to use your body weight to restrict him and the door from opening. Hearing a frustrated groan roar from the other side of the door, a vibration traveled down the grain of the wood traveling through your body now sitting against the door and the door frame.

Silence swept over the two of you, taking this as your chance you stumble to your feet and quickly skip down the flight of stairs before you sprinted down the street under the flickering street lamps.

Helplessly watching your figure run away from the apartment, JB lifted his hand over his heart before his fist gathered the cotton t shirt between his fingers. Pain ached his heart while a sickening feeling settled into the pit of his stomach.

“I still care about you, ______. With my whole heart…” JB whispered while he followed you with his lingering gaze.

Finally turning away from the window, once he couldn’t see your figure through the dark of night, his socks shuffled across the hardwood of the small apartment. Moseying around the lonely apartment, he locked all of the doors and windows, all except for one, the front door.

Turning off all of the lights, he retreated back to the bedroom to gather your favorite blanket and a pair of pillows. Placing the extra pillows and blanket on the couch, he made you up a quaint bed, just in case you decided to return.

Retreating to the shared bedroom, he slipped himself under the covers and eased himself down against the mattress and pillows. Keeping the lamp light on, the light hit his favorite couple picture of the two of you. Nicely framed in black, your smile was charming and your beauty was alluring to everyone who set eyes on you, your eyes captured the sheer elegance and simplicity of the wonders of the world. Encasing you in his arms, your hands rested on his arms as the two of you looked so happy, so free from all of the cares and worries of the world.

Tears slowly skidded down his warm cheeks, uneven breaths followed suit before his exhausted eyes finally closed while his heart tarried over the possibility of losing you.

Wandering the streets, you allowed your mind to mull over all that was said between the two of you, the few hours prior. Resting your feet at a bus stop, your eyes slowly dropped as tears flowed down your warm cheeks and onto your humbled hands folded in your lap. Thinking through your options, several buses came and went before you finally stepped onto a bus.

Walking between couples of empty seats, you finally choose your seat in the middle of the bus by the window. Once you were seated, the hiss of the air brakes released and the bus began to move along it’s predestined route.

Riding the bus for a while, your reflection caught each street lamp as your body lightly moved with the shifting of the large vehicle down the maintained roads. Feeling the bus slow to a stop, the brakes squealed upon arrival at the next stop. The bus began to move once more as you watched the once busy streets become lonely and desolate through the night.

Stop after stop, your mind continued to wander. Trying to find some way to work this out, to fix the problem that is at hand between you and your husband, JB.

Reaching your stop, you brought yourself to your feet, thanking the driver for the rider before stepping off and walking down the familiar street to your apartment. Running through your plan, that you formulated on the bus ride, in your mind for the hundredth time, you could feel your heart racing at an uncountable rate with each step you took. Inching yourself closer and closer to another possible fight with your husband, you found yourself at the doorstep of your shared home.

“I am just going to stay for a few hours, leave before the sun comes up and before he wakes up, then spend the next day or two at a friend’s home…” You tried to convince yourself with your own plan, trying to gather your own courage.

Twisting the handle, a quiet ambiance greeted you. Knowing that he must be asleep, you slipped off your shoes. Scanning the area, you made sure that he was nowhere to be seen before quietly moving over to the couch. Rounding the arm of the couch, you eyes fell upon your favorite blanket and two pillows already lining the cushions of your couch. Lifting your eyes, you gazed back at the master bedroom, quietly thanking him for thinking of you in the heat of an argument.

Settling yourself down underneath your favorite blanket, you adjusted the pillows to your liking before your eyes closed. Sleep wrapped its arms around you, sweeping over you for the night.  

The next morning, a warm blanket covered your legs, warm sunlight heated the blanket over top of you. Shifting underneath the blanket, your eyes slowly opened to catch a pair of feet traveling across the hardwood from the bedroom to the kitchen. Closing your eyes, you hoped that he would just go along with his own business.

Hearing the cabinets open and something being pulled down from one of the shelves, you opened your eyes back up with a light rub over them. Resting on the couch for a little while longer, the sweet smell of food began to call to your stomach. Grumbling in protest, your stomach clenched with hunger, each call growing in volume and demand for food.

“I made you a plate, if you would like some breakfast” JB’s voice pushed away the silence for the moment as you slowly sat up and looked over the back at the couch. Seeing the two plates sitting on the counter top of the island, you untangled your blanket from yourself and stood up.

JB watched you closely as he took a small bite of food into his mouth. Following your figure with his eyes, he watched you go directly out the front door after slipping your shoes on with haste. Setting down his plate, he picked up his pace with determination to just talk to you about what had happened the night before.

“_______, wait… Please _______” JB called after you, his legs acting like pistons as he raced

down the stairs to try and catch up to you.

Tears began to blur your eyes, running faster with his every call and plea. Running from the familiar area around your shared apartment, you began to go a new route as JB kept up pace with you. A burning sensation began to fill your lungs as your saliva began to thicken in your oral cavity, your mouth becoming dry as you parted your lips and began to breath through your mouth.

Rounding a corner in an attempt to lose JB, your foot pinned your untied shoelaces with your other shoe tumbling to the unforgiving tar road below you. Skidding across the rocks that ate up your skin, pain flooded over your body signaling you where you were injured. Precious red liquid began to bubble across your cuts and scrapes. Once enough had bubbled to the surface the warm, crimson plasma streamed down your untouched pale skin.

“______” JB rushed to your aid. Kneeling down, he lifted up your chin and began to give you a once over, inspecting the damage.

“These aren’t too bad, we can get you patched up at home” JB tried to give you some confidence, however you dropped your head once he let his fingers move out from under your chin.

Reading your body language, he knew that something was definitely not right. Running his tongue over his lips, he tried to find the right words to fill the moment, trying to heal what was said the night before and not make the emotional wounds any worse, “Please don’t ignore me…”

Lifting your eyes, you made eye contact with him. Your gaze that was once warm, kind and welcoming was now harsh, cold and unforgiving. Standing up to your feet, you scurried off at a pace you could sustain with your new injuries.

“________ please come back!” JB called into the thick of the air, “_______ please…”

With every call, his voice seemed to get silenced more and more no matter how loudly he screamed into the surrounding air.

Cold sweat covered his body, tucked underneath a duvet. Rolling over onto his back, his heart raced within the cage of his chest. Raking his fingers through his damp hair, a soft hum turned his head over to you still fast asleep next to him.

Without a second thought, his arms carefully snaked around your body. Pressing his body against yours, his head rested on your shoulder as the scent of your freshly washed hair slowly flooded over him. Calming him slowly, his grip around you tightened pulling you out of your slumber.

“Everything okay love?” You whisper, your eyes still closed tightly while your hands rested over his that were tightly wrapped around you.

“I just wanted to let you know that your parents are welcome here any time” JB whispered against the exposed skin on your neck.

“Oh, okay hun” You nodded your head, “Any reason why you say that?”

“A-Ah… it was just a dream” Pressing his soft lips against your neck, he pulled your body against his as his arms didn’t lose their hold on you. Resting your hands over his arm, you lifted one of his hands up and kissed it softly.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t going to change anything between us. We are stronger than that” You reassured falling back to sleep within his secure, loving and strong arms.

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