Actress Ha Ji Won Says, Up Close, Kim Woo Bin is Sparkly

On September 15, actress Ha Ji Won along with actor Kim Woo Bin appeared on the MBC program “Section TV Entertainment.” Recently, Ha Ji Won, An Seong Gi, Ryu Seung Ryong, Han Hyo Joo, Go Ah Seong, and Kim Woo Bin had participated in a “Good Download Campaign” photo shoot and Ha Ji Won was asked for her thoughts on Kim Woo Bin. Ha Ji Won responded: “Kim Woo Bin seems cool. Seeing him in person, Kim Woo Bin gives off a sparkling aura. … I think he is a junior actor that will do well in the future.” Ha Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin also discovered they had something in common. Both played rebellious teens in dramas. Ha Ji Won played a rebellious teen in the 1999-2000 KBS drama “School2” and Kim Woo Bin played a rebellious teen in 2012-2013 KBS drama “School 2013.”

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