How I got into Pentagon!

So maybe I didn't get into pentagon straight when they debuted, but it was around that time that I had discovered them.

Gorilla was the first video I had seen of pentagon, and then my friends started showing me videos from pentagon maker, causing me to become even more interested in the group! However, the instant I saw Wooseok in Gorilla, I knew he was going to be my bias. Little booger stealing the spotlight before any of the other members could make their mark.

I remember my friend showing me this video and I about died watching this. The perofrmance is really great and helped to keep me interested in pentagon. I wish I could remember everything else my friends showed me but I can only remember this performance and another video that my friend showed me, which you will see below this.

I'm pretty sure that this was the other video that my friends showed me on my introduction road to pentagon, which just so happens to also have Wooseok in it. I feel like Manda was trying to make sure he either was my bias or stayed my bias at this point.

I need to state that I hadn't watched this video until just making this card, and I feel like a proud mother. This performance was really good! I am literally such a fangirl. My bias rapped my other biases line and this makes me very happy. I know that this was to show how I got into pentagon, but I felt that it needed to be shown after watching the video.

So, even though I know that our maknae is my bias, E'Dawn, Hongseok, Kino, and I'm sure others, keep making their ways up my bias list somehow. They need to control themselves and stop being such wreckers!

If you have seen me around on vingle, you should know that I tend to have biases who just so happen to be rappers. Even before knowing someone, such as Wooseok, is a rapper of the group, my brain still manages to pick a rapper of a group. Like I'm not even kidding. The instant I laid eyes on Wooseok, he was my bias and I didn't even know what position he held in the group. I just really adore Wooseok and I am glad to have him and all of Pentagon in my life!

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