Monsta X Beautiful CD- Beside Edition

I wanted to make this post a while ago, but didn't get to it until today. So, I bought Beside on preorder without knowing what was going to be with this cd. I hadn't realized that this was the group edition of the cds, which at first I was disappointed with, but now I am super happy and grateful because the boys look great! I'll link a video down for everything that comes in Beside because the pictures I took of the group pictures didn't come out well at all.

So, I orginally just picked this cd because I really love the color blue and I didn't want to be like everyone else and buy the Beautiful version. I really want the Brilliant version now after seeing what everything looks like in that album as well.@monbebearmybbc has the Beautiful version, so if I ever want to look at it, I'll just ask.

I swear to you, kpoptown finally figured out that they needed to send me something with I.M in it or I was going to be incredibly sad(I am just kidding just in case someone does take me seriously). I have bought all of the cds, not all versions though, and still had not gotten anything of I.M's in it. Just imagine my face when I saw that I got I.M's oath and then see a transparent card of his as well. I almost cried. Also, Kihyun is so pretty and I love this card as well!

I also bought the two posters on kpoptown and amazingly got I.M's poster as well. I honestly wanted to cry when I saw that it was his poster. Actually, I think I did cry a little. I literally went from never getting anything of my bias to three things in one go. Lets just say that I am very grateful that I purchased the cd through kpoptown because it was worth it!

This is the other poster that I got, which I really like. I love the color poster from this as well, but I really like the black and white poster even more. I have always been a sucker for black and white pictures and posters.

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