Possession Ch.6

Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek

What: AU/ Smut (+18 )

Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

You stayed in the library with Digit and showed him all the books that you had been reading. He took some of them down to look at but he was confused by some of languages that he couldn't read. When he asked you to teach him, you smiled and started helping him read. You had taught yourself some of these languages when you were here the first year but you had learned the Society's language because of Mintaek's Mark. He spoke it and as his Marker you had to speak it too. You knew it enough now that even if he took his Mark back you'd still be able to speak and understand it. While you were teaching Digit how to read one language another Marker had walked up the steps to see you standing by the window. Digit was sitting in the window reading out loud and you were looking at another book.

"Y/n." she called


You turned to her to see her standing in front of you looking a little off. You sighed,

"Nano what's the matter?"

"Who's the boy?" she asked looking at him.

"What do you need?" you asked dimissing her question.

"You know they're watching you, right? They're watching you with him, Mintaek I mean. Marker's are confused as to why you can disobey your Master in a way that we can't. There are no reperoussions for what you do." she said almost annoyed at that fact.

"Repercussions? You all keep assuming that I chose this as my life. Mintaek took it upon himself to take me I never agreed."

"He went to see you every day. You two were together."


You looked back to see Digit closing his book. He'd stopped reading aloud a long time ago and now he was watching you two. You sighed and smiled at him before reaching out to ruffle his hair. He gave you a big eye smile and sat criss crossed in the window. Nano looked at him.

"He's not your son but he smells of you both they say." she said.

"He is my son." you declared as if the point should already be obvious.

"Vampires are meant to have children with their Mark not others." she said looking confused.

You chuckled humorlessly.

"Another reason why he shouldn't have chosen me... I can't children." You said with a stale smile.

Nano looked at you with deeply hurt eyes.

"I can't, I was pregnant once for like a week, it could've been longer but I only knew for a week and then I lost the baby. I went to the doctors and they told me I couldn't have a child. I had 'too harsh of an enviorment' to carry for a full term. So while I can get pregnant, I will continue to lose the baby."

You looked down the stairs,

"Is that what you wanted to hear?" you said bitterly.

Standing at the bottom of the steps was Hyun Jung, in a bright red dress, strapless, and as always her blond hair laying on one shoulder. Mintaek was standing right beside her. As if you didn't smell them when they came in. Mintaek should've known you had felt him. He was close and your Mark had stung you. You stared down at him with cold eyes. Janera showed you an image of your future, you two married, your son Digit and your Daughter. Your Daughter with golden curly locks and Mintaek's icy blue eyes. They were staring back at you now dully. You felt how awful he felt just as you were sure he felt how angry you were. He could've asked you, you wouldn't have been as open about it but he could've tried asking you first. You knew the real question was why did you latch onto Digit so quickly? Why were you going to the city of Janera for fertility if you hated him? Why indeed? The answer to the first question was easier and much simpler to answer than the last. He was a child without a family and you wanted a baby. Your mother insticts hadn't died away but your spirit was crushed when you were told you wouldn't be able to have a child. Janera even said he was the replacement for the one you lost. He wasn't a replacement, that sounded insensitve like Digit would do just fine. He was just your child now; you took the responsiblity of taking care of him. He was a part of your furture. Just like you had hope that little girl would be but now that you were looking down at him you wondered if that would ever be your future.

The problem with knowing the future is that you never know what you might change because you know the end of the story. Maybe him doing this had changed the end. Maybe that little girl was already erased as you turned your back to Mintaek. Nano was always cool with you, she was a sweet soul but she always did as she was told so everything that you were telling her you already knew someone was watching. You never told her anything that might incrimintate you. This was the most information you had ever given her and it was only because you already knew someone was listening. Hyun Jung and Mintaek made it up the stairs. He came close to you,

"Back up." you warned him coldly.

He stood where he was but didn't advance. He looked at Digit for a moment and then Digit looked at you.

"They're going to take me away." he said.

You placed your hand on his head,

"They're not going to lay a finger on you." you promised.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mintaek asked.

"Why would you need to know? So you could throw me away like a broken toy?"

"For you to think that and for you to want me to take back my Mark I would think that you'd jump at the opprotunity. So there's another reason you didn't tell me. What was it?" he said upset.

"Hyun Jung did you put him up to this?" you asked dimissing him.

"I told him to ask you I never told him how." she said shruggind and rolling her eyes to look at the other end of the library.

"I'm sorry." Nano said.

You nodded to her. You knew she had no choice but to obey so you couldn't be upset at her. Not too much at least.

"Nano can you take Digit to the royal hall?" Mintaek said.

"He's not leaving me." you said.

"You will be there right after him. After we speak." he growled.

"Don't talk to me like that." you said.

"You're making it very difficult for me to control my anger right now. Do you wish him to see that? Do you want them to hear this?"

"They'll hear it anyway you've already made me reveal something quite private in front of them, so why not just ask me?"

"Because I'd rather this just be between us!" he yelled.

You glared at him and you caught Hyun Jung yawning in the background. Digit jumped off the window and hugged you.

"I'll go with her. I'll be good I promise." he said.

"No funny stuff?" you gave him a small smile.

He nooded and smiled. You sighed and kissed his forehead,

"Alright but no one is to touch him or I swear I will be taking off some heads." You glared at Hyun Jung.

She smiled and nodded. Nano and Hyun Jung walked on either side of Digit as he playfully bounced down the stairs to leave the Library. Mintaek sighed frustrated and sat down.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked again.

"It wouldn't have made a difference. I wasn't about to cry over a lost baby. It doesn't bring it back." You said.

"That's not the reason. I can feel it."

"Get out of my head Mintaek! Get out of my heart! You know nothing about me." you snapped.

"I know everything about you."


His eyes widened.


He looked at you with softer eyes.



"That's not something you can change. It wasn't you fault."

"Fae are supposed to be furtile. They're supposed to be able to have children and here I am incapable of something even humanly possible. What's the point in having all this power if I can't do shit with it?"


"You keep saying you're trying, you're trying but what are you really trying at huh? Trying to get me to submit to you? I thought you wanted me to trust you."

"I do."

"Well you're doing a fucking awesome job at it, getting Nano to strut in here and coax the answer from an invisible question out of me."

"It wasn't like that." he sighed.

"It wasn't like what Mintaek? Don't give me the fucking pitiful look; you gave me the same fucking little pout when you brought me back to this hell hole. Right before you forced me down." you said getting angrier by the second.

He could feel all of it, he could feel the pain, the anger, the hurt that you had been holding in. It came out like a flood for some reason. Like opening Pandora's box and releasing as much sorrow into the world as you possibly could and the box was damn near empty.

"That was the blood."

"You pinned me down before you drank it."

"You make me upset Y/n."

"Welcome to my world."

You leaned against the railing and he stayed silent for a little while. He was staring at the floor and you just sat there thinking about your little girl. Was she still going to exist after this argument? With this momentum going you couldn't stop. You still had more fire in you. More to say, more to yell.

left lovedtry

He looked up at you and you could feel the pain in his heart. He wasn't explaining it to you though.

"Y/n I love you." he said.

"Do you? I have a hard time believing that now. You used to come by to see me at work and when I would walk out you'd say 'hey beautiful'. I knew you'd been waiting outside for me to get off almost all day. I was happy. I was always happy to see you and now it's gotten to the point I can't stand to see your face. You did that to us. You took a 'hey beautiful' and turned into 'hey stranger'. You had inside knowledge about my life but we talked before the Mark. You asked me how I felt, you wanted to know what you could do to make it better. You don't do that anymore. You think just because I bare your Mark and you can feel what I'm feeling that you understand it but how can you understand the emotions if you don't know why I'm feeling them in the first place? You're not validating my feelings you're just saying 'oh that's how you feel', if you say anything at all. Or you get silent or you pout, you used to put in a effort for me and now all you do is allow the Mark to do everything for you. Just because we're connected doesn't mean we're in sync. It doesn't mean our connection is complete. It's like that stupid sign on your wi-fi that let's you know your internet access is limited but you know what Mintaek. It still doesn't work. The connections there but it's not working, something's missing. You stole me. Not in the romantic way you just stole me in the criminal sense."

"I don't know what to do to get you back. I do love you I just- don't know what to do."

"Stop using the Mark as a damn cheat sheet for one. Ask me how I feel. Ask me what's wrong. Ask me if it's okay to bite and if I say you drink from a cup tonight don't try to convince me into giving into your bite. Those things don't come back over night and even less when you start letting your anger get in the way. When you get angry, I get angry. You drug me back here okay, so now I'm here and I've got Digit, which makes it worth being drug back here but you can't keep saying you love me and you're trying to make things work when you're doing the same god damn things that made me hate you and stop trusting you in the first place. Stop using deception to get an answer out of me, stop thinking just because you can feel what I feel that you know what's going on with me because you don't. When you get that through your thick head maybe then we can reach a point where I'm not telling you to go shove a dick up your ass. Maybe we'll meet at mutal ground and start over again."

"Like a redo?" he looked you in the eyes.

You nodded, your anger finally gone now that you had yelled everything out.

"Yeah, like a redo."

ForgivenessStarting over

"They're not as interesting as you might think. They're just statues harboring lost souls."

You gave a soft scoff through your nose and the corner of your mouth perked up a bit.

"Souls of the damned?" You said remembering your first words to each other.

"Exactly." he said nodding his head.

You couldn't be mad at him anymore, even if you wanted to. He remembered his first words to you, the first time you met. That was reassuring. He stood up slowly and walked to the edge of the stairs and looked back at you.

"Please come to the Royal hall with me. The Grand Elders want to see you in an exhibition match and it's getting harder and harder to say no to. Will you do me this favor and afterwards I will take you to your home to see your brothers." he said.

Your heart rose when you thought of being back on Earth and checking up on your brothers. They probably hadn't come to the part where they were worried sick about you but the thought of seeing them had sparked something in you. You walked over to stand beside him and crossed your arms.

"Alright. I need to go to my mailbox first."

He nodded knowing that's where your weapons were and walked down the steps with you. You fished around in your pocket to get the key to your mailbox that you always kept on your person. Digit was in the Royal hall now with Hyun Jung and Nano so you didn't have to worry so much about him being hounded by Vampires. You whipsered to Mintaek,

"Protect him."

"I will." he said back.

Even when Pandora's box was opened, there was hope left inside...

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