Detective Kwon’s Perspective

I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed, let alone heard. I wish he would have told me earlier, but it seems as though Jay himself also had no clue who were truly dealing with. The signs were there. Her changing demeanor going from hot to cold. But one thing I do know and that is I should have just listened to Jay and maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. But it’s too late to regret what we did, all we can do is try to figure out a way to fix it.

“What are you thinking Jay?”

“Honestly, I don’t know what to think. But I do have one question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. If MJ really does have a split, the question is who is the real person and who is the other personality? I met Rae years ago and she seemed normal but now I don’t know what to think. Did she develop the personality after Simon tried to kill her? Or was it always there and she just kept it well maintained and hidden?”

“Hmm… You have a point there. Let’s see what we can find out about Rae/MJ. Let’s pray and hope that there is something in the system.

“Yea. Lets.”

Simon’s Perspective

Regret? Guilt? Two things I stopped feeling the moment I killed my own father. Well, I guess I should say three seeing as how my conscience was never in the picture anymore and all my morals went out the window with him. But now. Now I’m starting to wonder if it was a mistake to disregard those sentiments. The insanity that happened last night, from the fight between Alexis and MJ in the office to MJ being attacked in her own apartment. My conscience began to come back piece by piece, after seeing how badly bruised she was from last night’s altercation. Looking over at her as she slept peacefully in my bed.

I don’t understand how someone who has been in two fights in one night can sleep so soundly. Maybe it’s because all of the adrenaline has worn off and she feels the exhaustion creeping in, but I can’t help but wonder how is it that she doesn’t seem terrified about any of this or bothered by any of it.’I don’t understand how someone who has been in two fights in one night can sleep so soundly. Maybe it’s because all of the adrenaline has worn off and she feels the exhaustion creeping in, but I can’t help but wonder how is it that she doesn’t seem terrified about any of this or bothered by any of it.’

I couldn’t help but wonder how it’s possible. I have done my fair share of killings, but I also learned to shut off my emotions and my conscience so I wouldn’t feel anything once the deed was done. MJ. MJ was different. IS different.She may not show it on the outside but on the inside her emotions take a toll on her. She would never let anyone see her so vulnerable and weak but me. Somehow, I feel as though I’m being played. Maybe she isn’t the person, that I thought she was. She seems different tonight than any other night. She didn’t just allow her emotions to consume her, but they changed her. She doesn’t know this but I heard the entire conversation she had with that asshole before she shot him the first time. She didn’t just shoot him once, she shot him twice and I shot him the third time. Or I should say that I shot at him the same time that she did.

I stood there looking at her, as she continued to point the gun at him. She had this gleam in her eye, from just the excitement of killing someone. I never thought that MJ would be the type of person to do this. She seems so much more timid, than this person standing right here before me. But this woman, she reminds me of someone from my distant past. A ghost that seems to keep haunting me.

“Or maybe I’m just losing my mind” I said to myself, while peering over at her just laying there on my bed. Maybe there is some truth to what Alexis said tonight. Maybe she really isn’t who I believe her to be. But then again, Alexis can’t say shit considering all the things she has done and all the people that she has betrayed. Tonight she showed me a different side. A side that I fear worse than mine own and that says alot. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman with an appetite for revenge. That meant only one thing: Alexis better watch out. MJ is playing no games and she means what she says.

4 Days Later……4 Days Later……

Jay’s Perspective

It’s been 4 days since that incident at MJ’s house and everything has been silent like the whispers in the air and still as a rock. It was an eerie feeling that had been looming for the past couple of days. Waiting and anticipating when MJ, may strike back at Alexis for what she did. These last few days that she has come by to meet with Detective Kwon and I, and I could tell that something was not right. Her personality seems to change with every meeting. One minute she had some amazing plans for getting to Simon and getting him to confess. Then the next she was all about getting to Alexis. In my mind, taking down Simon meant taking down Alexis, but no the way her eyes burned with fury and rage at the mention of Alexis name, showed just how much hatred she had developed for her just from that night.

Honestly, Detective Kwon and I think she is more of a liability than she is help right now considering what has happened. Telling her that we could pull her off this case, shit was that the wrong move. I have never seen someone move so swift from one side of the room to the other. She moved so quick that I didn’t even see her pick up the Detective’s gun. She pointed it right at his head and took the safety off.

“You’re not pulling me off of anything. You got that. We had a fucking deal.”

“Yea, MJ we did have a deal, but you are acting out of control. Look at you right now. Who the fuck do you think you are pointing a gun at my head. Let alone the head of a detective.”

“You left me no choice. I don’t like to be threatened Detective. I have made that very clear on other occasions. That shit don’t work for me.”

“MJ you have lost your fucking mind, aight. We get it… You want to get Alexis, but this shit right here isn’t helping.”

“Fuck you Jay. You bitch. You know I’m still trying to figure out why you’re waiting to go after Simon? Huh? I mean let’s be honest. You never had it in you to go after him. You’re not monster like him or Alexis. Shit, you couldn’t hurt a fucking fly.”

“Bitch, who the fuck do you think you talking to? I do what I gotta do when the time is right. In my own way. I’m not outta control like your little fuckboy, who likes to sometimes just kill for sport.”

“What the fuck did you just call him?”

“Jay, can you not provoke her while she got a gun to my head?”

“FUCKBOY! That’s what I said. He ain’t nothing but a fuckboy who will sometimes kill for sport or kill for the simplest shit.”

She was so angry that sparks were lighting her eyes up like the fourth of July. It was as if the person I was looking at was someone different altogether. She released the Detective and pointed the gun at me, then looked sideways at me behind the gun. She had this smirk on her face and I knew right then and there that she would do it. She would end my life.

“I will do it ya know.”

“Do what?”

“Kill you! I will kill you if you keep pushing me Jay. I’m not that girl that you were with all those years ago.”

“No shit. As if I didn’t know that. You’re right you have changed. You’re a monster just like he is. A fucked up delusional monster, who actually thinks that she has a chance to make Simon change.”



“NO Detective, she wants to threaten us and talk this bullshit and pull that little fucking stunt. She is unhinged. She is no different than him or Alexis. She calls them monsters but what the fuck does that make her? She ain’t no fucking saint anymore!”


“No Detective he started this shit, so I’m going to finish it.”

And with that she raised the gun and point it straight at my head. I was ready and willing to see if she would pull the trigger. So many before her have tried and failed to do so, and they ended up in a fucking body bag out in the ocean somewhere. She pulled on the trigger tighter and tighter. With each squeeze she was getting closer to releasing that bullet, but there was something that I was baffled by. It almost seemed as if she were hesitating to fire. But then at that very moment that she squeezed the trigger, she suddenly fainted and the gun pointed upwards and the bullet whizzed right past my head.

Detective Kwon caught her before she hit the ground. Although personally, I would have let the bitch hit the hard cold floor. I looked at her and he looked at me with a questioningly look. She was moving her eyes behind her eyelids, so we knew she wasn’t dead but I wanted to know what the hell was going on with that mind of hers.

MJ vs. Rae

“Rae what the fuck are you doing? Why would you pull that gun on the detective like that?”

“MJ, simply because I can and I don’t like the way he was talking to me.”

“Me? Me? No you mean us… It’s not your fucking place Rae to decide no shit like this.”

“Well, you surely weren’t going to do anything about MJ. You’re too fucking weak. You allowed Simon to pull you back in and now it seems like you also want to be pulled back into Jay as well.”

“You don’t know shit. I have to bid my time to get what I want. I want all kill. I don’t want this shit to be done one at a time. Fucking take them all down at the same time. But you’re so fucking impatient. It makes me want to not even do this.”

“Yea, MJ I know. That’s your true response. You don’t want to do it. But you would do it, if let’s say Simon or Jay threatened to kill you?”

“Jay would never threaten to kill me and neither would Simon.”

“Oh but Simon would, just like Jay is saying right now. Simon would absolutely do it if provoked the right way.”

“Rae, you wouldn’t.”

“Why wouldn’t I. I have to test your loyalties some way and why not start with Jay and then we can test Simon. What do you think?” she said looking at me with a smirk and a devilish grin. She already knew the answer to her own question. She slowly released the Detective and began to point towards Jay.

She was winning and she becoming stronger and more in control. I hated it, but it was supposed to be my revenge and done my way. It’s the reason why I was created. But she is so impatient and now this. Not only is she threatening the Detective but now she has the gun pointed at Jay’s head. He is provoking her, and he just doesn’t know how fucking crazy she is and that she will really do it. I don’t understand why he would continue to provoke her unless…. Peering through our eyes, I could see that it’s possible he may know something is going on with me. Fuck... I can feel her squeezing the trigger.. What do i do? Do I just let her shoot him or do I stop her? Either way, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Fuck it. I don’t have time for this and she is going to ruin everything. I pushed my self conscious through before she could pull the trigger all the way and shoot off Jay’s head. I pushed through just in time to make her faint and her hand raised in reaction to ourselves trading places. I could feel my body falling towards the ground as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. She was screaming and yelling, acting a damn fool because I pushed her back in. And then she finally quieted down.

Now, I know where your loyalties lie MJ. I now know where your loyalties lie. Oh MJ, you have no idea what you have just done. I hope you’re ready, cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride and the consequences will be too much for you to bear. Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Remember that MJ. Remember that.

And with that she quieted down. I knew it was only a matter of time before she resurfaced. The bad part about it, is that when she comes I don’t think I’ll be able to stop her.

Well then my lovelies I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. A glimpse into what will happen in the next few days. Some things to think about. Will Rae really kill Simon and Jay? Can MJ control person that created her? Will Detective Kwon ever find his answers? And what will become of Jay, Alexis and Simon? They have all noticed a change in her and they have all sensed, but will anyone do anything before its too late?

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