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BTS Most Beautiful Moments RP LINK TO THE RP >>>>http://www.chatzy.com/17993067772709 Based on MV’s and Theories [BC] Plot: [C] Everything was going great for you guys, you’re group of friend (14 in total not all are needed for RP that creates drama in itself) everything was perfect until slowly one by one you started to drift apart. [C] The boys (BTS) started to leave the group first, they stopped coming to meet, stopped messaging everyone, it’s like they dropped off of the earth. The reason can be up to you, the aftermath is based of MV’s and explained below. [C] Then the girls (Your OC’s) stopped coming after the boys. But lucky for the girls they didn’t get into anything bad, they had their eyes set on a future. Leaving the group as it started to fade was an easy way for the girls to start working towards college and building the life they’ve always wanted. But their friends never left their minds. Specifically the boys, they still talked with the girls when they weren’t busy, and they’d reminisce about their friends. The thought of how could something so strong so seemingly perfect just end without warning? [C] It had been about one year, a year doesn’t seem like a long time but a lot can happen in a year. And with what luck you ended up running into one of your old friends (Opposite gender) or maybe not luck depending on who you are. Will running into them change your plans for the future or give you plans? Can the boys be pulled from their ways and change themselves before something unchangeable happens to them? [BC] The Boys Stories and Ages (Very Basic, Use as a Guide) The ages change just to make it a bit easier. The boys story is based of MV’s. Please read their story to be sure you can RP it. I’ll try to keep them short. [BC] Kim Seokjin {21} [C] Jin isn’t as bad as everyone else is. He lived a seemingly lonely life only having his friends by his side. When they started to go astray he followed the boys and watched over them but couldn’t find the courage to do anything. He’s the only one living in reality besides Namjoon, that can see true actions of the boys. (If you play Jin it's more up to you to do what you want as long as you follow the basic plot) [BC] Min Yoongi {20} [C] When Yoongi left the group he stayed by himself, isolated from the rest of the boys, the girls, the world itself. Living out of an abandoned hotel Yoongi rarely left not wanting to face his actions and choices. Often thinking about life and what the purpose of hiding out is, why he’s even there. [BC] Jung Hoseok {19} [C] Hoseok turned to the only thing he could think of, drugs. He never went out in public high, that wasn’t the point of the drugs, the point was to, at least for a while take him out of his inner pain. [BC] Kim Namjoon {19} [C] Namjoon is a silent helper. He will help the other get things they need no matter what it is, he’ll do anything for his friends legal or not. He doesn't see he’s doing anything wrong. [BC] Park Jimin {18} [C] When Jimin left the group (For what reason you decide) he tried to live a normal life but then he found it, water. Something vital to live but it can also kill. He loved water, but for what reason? He tried to convince himself he loved it because it was vital, but for him, is it? [BC] Kim Taehyung {18} [C] Is a strong guy, he knew his strength but tried to hide it he didn't want to use his strength, until he had too. After that that, (it can be different than the MV) he was scared, scared of himself and hurting his friends. He tried to go about normally but what he did haunted him and caused him so much fear he lived in a nightmare. [BC] Jeon Jungkook {17} [C] He’s the youngest guy, and had a lot of pressure to stay up with his friends and do everything his older friends did. He was the last boy to leave the group not wanting to go, but once he did everything seemed cold and dark. He knew he did wrong and he accepted it, or he thought he did... [BC] PLEASE READ! -SMUT TO PM -This was designed for BxG -Don't steal this plot -Swearing is allowed -Drama is encouraged -Don't be controlling -Say when you’re busy -Follow the ideas of the plot (FOR THE BOYS IT’S JUST A BASIC GUIDE YOU CAN CHANGE IT AND WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE THEY LEAVE)

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