DIA Surprise visit W/ T.O.P

I found this article and laughed myself silly because the scenario was just too precious.

I mean how would you feel going to a fan meeting seeing one group, in this case DIA, and someone in the audience having a chance to get up on stage, take a picture and get a signed CD from them.

that's freaking gold if its a group you love!

howbit now its changed to this guy getting picked instead of you to go on stage, the the girls on stage get tongue tied as they find out who it is! Another Idol on stage!!!

that's like Two for One!!!!

DIA had chosen at random in the crowd and low and behold, Freaking T.O.P from Big Bang come up on stage!!!



I'd say I'd like this deal so much better then if I was in the audience and got picked, instead getting to see both in person, shock!!!


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