Hoya - Lonely Hearts

Five…Six…Seven…Eight, two bodies floated across the wood floor. Twisting, turning, moving with the music in perfect harmony, Hoya twirled you around him as the music continued. The music cut and you were in a dip position with Hoya looking down on you he smile and brought you back up into the upright position.

“Take five, everyone.” The choreographer boomed as the dancers dispersed and talked, you walked over to your bag, your hand wrapped around your water bottle. You slid down the wall and sat on the floor engaging all of your senses into feeling that water rush down your parched throat. You closed your eyes trying to escape but you never had been able to, you thought of how your job would have been different if you weren’t so shy and if you weren’t so music crazy, but none-the-less you loved the position that you had landed. Even though you had never had any specific dance training you always were chosen to be the lead in everything that you do. All of the other girls and back-up dancers didn’t really like you for that reason as well as being a good dancer without having to work at it. But what they didn’t know was all the time, money, and pain that you had put into your career.

“Hello?” Hoya squatted on the tips of his toes waving his hand in front of his face. You lowered the water bottle from your lips as you gazed on one of the members of Infinite.

“Hello” You stretched out one of your legs and then started to bend over to stretch. You felt a hand on your back pushing you down a little further so that the pressure could stretch the tender muscles that you had been using. You gently sat up and took another sip of your water.

“Let’s run that again!” The choreographer yelled over the chatter that filled the room. Hoya’s hands outreached to help you up; you slid your water bottle into your bag and placed your hands in his. You were impressed with the strength that he had to pull you up as well as his manners. After running that song another fifty times, everybody was free to go home. You walked over to your bag, placed some extra clothing that you had thrown over there into your bag. You said farewell to the manager and choreographer and left the room.

Walking down the long lonely hall where only your thoughts accompanied you through your long journey. You looked at your phones ominously as the hallway opened into the main lobby. You heard your name faintly from behind you. You thought it was just the other girls making fun of your again. You name increased with volume as you slowed down and looked over your shoulder.

“________” Hoya ran down the hall that you had just walked down, catching his breath as he reached you. You rummaged around in your bag to find your water bottle and handed it over to him so that he could breathe again. He placed the water bottle onto his soft lips and took gulps of water as you looked around you both.

“Thanks.” He said as he handed the water bottle back to you.

“No problem. Is there something you wanted?” You asked hoping to not pry.

“Oh…well…I-I was just going to say, See you tomorrow.” Hoya showing his white teeth through a smile

“Oh, ok. Well see you tomorrow too Hoya.” You bowed to him and then you walked towards the door. Hoya watched you as you walked to your car and drove off. His hand pushed against the glass with regret as he hoped that he would get another chance to talk to you.

“Ok everyone this is a dress rehearsal, please go get changed in fifteen minutes.” The manager announced over the conversations that created a wave of words. Walking into the dressing room was like a war, it smelled of toxic fumes from all of the perfume and all of the hateful comments that you had received in that room made you super uncomfortable. You changed into ripped jeans that fit you perfectly and hugged you in the right places and then you put on a white tank top with a levi jean jacket and headed out of the war zone to do your hair in front of the mirror. You placed all of your hair into a ponytail and grabbed another sip of water before the guys started emerging from the guy’s dressing rooms. You watched the guy’s reactions as they watched you walk across the floor to the manager. You talked with him a little longer than usual and then you had to go warm up. The other back up dancer girls started to emerge as well but they looked different than you since you were given the part of lead back up dancer. They wore shorts while you wore full length jeans they also didn’t have the jean jacket that you had. All of the boys gathered on the floor as did the girls. The music started up and you danced like you had before no difference, no changing in your dancing was made. The other back up dancers began to get in your way and trip you. Fortunately Hoya was right there to catch you before you fell to the hard ground.

“Take five.” The choreographer said as they cut the music. You walked over into a corner of the room and sat on the ground and buried your face into your hands. Silent tears fell as you sat there waiting for the dancing to start up again so you could release your anger. You felt a gentle hand on your back rubbing in circles. Your eyes lifted to see who it was, you gazed upon the soft eyes, brown hair that always looked perfect and his gentle smile welcomed you out of your little world.

“Hey, I was just seeing if you were ok from the dance practice. The girls can be a little mean sometimes.” Hoya commented as you placed your head on your knees and wrapped your arms around your legs to create a small ball for yourself. You nodded at Hoya’s comments. “I was so happy when they partnered you with me. I could barely contain myself because I could see that you weren’t like any of those other dancers that just wanted to be with the celebrities, but you wanted to dance because you felt a connection with the music not with the guys that you were hoping to get from the dancing.” A smile appeared on your face as he kept rubbing your back.

They called all of the dancers back and he helped you up. You danced with everything you had and people noticed, especially Hoya. Practice ended the comments that the girls made to you didn’t seem to matter anymore because you knew that someone had your back. Hoya walked you down the hall to your car; he got into his and followed you out of the companies’ parking lot.

The brisk cool morning air bit your nose as you began to walk out to your beaten down old car. You opened the door and pushed the key into the ignition. You turned the key, your car made a bad revving noise and then high pitched grinding came after. You pulled your key out of the car, slammed the door and started to walk to the companies’ building. You walked for a half an hour before you started to freeze. You stopped in a small shop and got warm for a couple minutes and then walked out of the door. There was a car that passed by that looked really familiar to you and you watched that car as it pulled over to the side of the busy road. Hoya got out of the car and ran up to you. You could hardly believe your eyes.

“What are you doing out here. It is so cold out. Why didn’t you call me?” Hoya pulled you in for a hug to try and warm you up.

“I couldn’t call you because I don’t have a phone. My family was too poor to buy me one before I came over seas to find a job. My car wouldn’t start because it is a poor car that I could barely afford as well.” Tears started to form in your eyes as he took your hands and breathed on them so they could be a little warmer than they were. He placed your hands into his pockets and escorted you to his car. He started to drive off to work and you embraced the warmth of his car and the kindness of his heart.

It was like any other day in dancing until it ended that you had to walk home now. You sat along a wall in the main lobby as you watched everyone pass you and go out to their cars. They were saying mean comments to your face and you couldn’t help but curl into a ball and sit there singing softly to calm yourself. The lobby had suddenly become desolate after a couple of hours. Nobody was around and the security guards were patrolling outside. You made yourself a little bed against the wall and fell asleep until the next morning. Singers, dancers, managers all walked by looking at you curled in a corner like a hobo. Placing judgments all over you as

they passed by not even trying to understand why you were there. A hand on your shoulder gently shook you back to reality. Hoya’s kneeled next to you as you awoke. Nobody was around you, just him. You sat up, rubbed your eyes and gathered all of your things together.

“Why were you here?” Hoya asked helping you clean up your belongings.

“I couldn’t contact you and I didn’t want to walk home under the cold falling snow. I also thought that it would save me a trip in the morning.” You watched Hoya’s face as he smirked at you. You both walked into the practice room together, Hoya placed all of your things in your normal spot. You went to go get changed since he was already in his when he went looking for you.

“Where were you?” One of the girls asked

“Probably with Hoya, he and she are like totally together.” Another girl commented

“Oh, did you like you-know.” Girls were now surrounding you pushing you out of the door. You managed to get your clothes on before they shoved you through the door exposing you to the rest of the crew and managers.

“I-I-I’m so sorry.” You stood up from the middle of the dance floor with everybody looking at you. You opened the door and ran down the hall. Everybody stood there and Hoya looked at the girls that acted surprised. Hoya opened the door and ran after you. You started to slow down your running when you heard someone coming up from behind you.

“________ wait!” Hoya yelled as you stopped before heading up the stairs. Hoya surrounded you in a hug and you let out all of your tears when he wrapped his arms around you. He tried to help you calm down but it was no use.

“What did they do to you?” Hoya asked when you were whimpering now

“They did e-everything to me. It hasn’t been easy to learn a new language, travel around the world, find a job, try to sustain yourself on no money, while still sending money back to your family who is barely eating in America. I can’t so anything right. I am only seventeen, I have a family that is counting on me to provide money for them and I cannot even eat when I am over here to save money. Now I have to get my car fixed…” You trailed off and started weeping again.

“You know I am here for you right?” Hoya said rubbing your head as you sobbed, you nodded your head and he held you even closer than before. His phone rang and he answered it after checking with you.

“What do you mean I have a fine?” Hoya started to get unglued,

“Just because I left practice to help a friend you are going to fine me?… Her as well? … Are you insane?… How much is the fine?…”Five thousand dollars!” Hoya hung up the phone and kissed the top of your head.

“Don’t worry I will take care of you and pay for your fine.”

The next couple weeks were hard on you and Hoya. Everyone excluded you because of what the managers had done and threatened them with. Sitting eating lunch together, he let you sleep in his apartment since your rent had run out and you couldn’t pay for another month, he was your guardian angel who was as lonely as you are.

Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness

~Dag Hammarskjold

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