Steven Community Event

To prepare ourselves for the new steven bomb on may 8 i present to you....

Six Days of Steven!!!

Each day will be different and will start from may 2nd to may 7th (the day before new epsisode on monday)

Day one is Talent tuesdays where you can post fan art, make ocs or post any fanfiction (no smut)

Weapon wednesday : a day to were you can show your favorite weapon on the show either it can be your own or any of the characters

Theory Thursday: can be your ideas or opions on what is going to happen with the new steven bomb

Fusion fridays: if you have a favorite fusion on the show then this day is good for you where you post the fusions from the show

Saturdays are Ship saturdays involving ships from the series from Garnet(ruby x sapphire) to Lars x sophie

Lastly Sundays are symphony sundays to where you can post any song from the show weather it is a cover or from the actual voice actors


so lets get excited together!

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Also, here is the link our awesome community it you want to join:

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