Woozi Tuesday ~ Sexy Boy

Hey guys!!

This week your Seventeen Mod Team is celebrating our boys' sexy side!!

Some idols are inherently sexy. Raw sex appeal simply oozes from every pore of their being.

Other idols are puppies. They are cute fluffy balls of adorable-ness that you can't imagine putting sexy in the same sentence as. These are the dangerous ones.

I always saw Woozi as this adorable man-child that I was much more likely to want to adopt and protect from the world than ever see as sexy. I was wrong. As I have gotten to know him better I have realized that he is the most dangerous type of sexy because when he turns it on you are blindsided and the sex appeal that he has is that much stronger because you didn't see it coming.


He may be little, but he should NOT be underestimated. He is a beautiful combination of cute and sexy and is a serious threat to bias lists everywhere!

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