Chanyeol Game Card 3 Results

Sorry it took me a day or two to put together the results for Chanyeol's prom night.

I had been spreading it out a Lil.

So I have the results /Ending of prom night!

Scenario 1

Disney Prom. The room was decked out with a Cinderella kind of vibe. There was cut out boards if Disney characters all around the room. A blush tinted your cheeks slightly embarrassed you brought a famous person to a kiddie prom. “Is that a cutout of Mickey mouse? “ chanyeol pointed to one of the tables that sure enough had mickey mouse next to it, plus Minny mouse. You saw a row of the Disney princesses towards the front of the stage area, and it looked like the princes on the other side of the stage. The music was light and in the background as you two were seated at a table. As we ate dinner you and Chanyeol talked a little bit about Disney movies, finding out it had several favorite Disney movies, a few the same as you. It was pleasant conversation. “Would you like to dance?” Chanyeol asked you and you nod slowly. The song was an upbeat song. He pulled out some moves that you couldn't keep up with so ended up just staring at him as he danced, he was a really good dancer. The song changed and it turned into a slow song, you actually recognized it as one from beauty and the beast. His arms slid around your waist and brought you into a slow dance. You couldn't help singing along to the words as you two danced. It was magical. After the song ended a speaker went up on stage to announce prom king and queen. The couple danced and as they did Chanyeol asked you to dance with him as other couples started to join. When the end of the night came he took you home and said farewell to you. It was a pleasant evening with him and you were happy he had gone with you.

Masquerade dance At the door a girl was taking tickets and directing people. When you and Chanyeol approached her smile widened. “The famous couple!” She exclaimed. “I can't believe you are here!” The girl was just looking at Chanyeol. “Now I see neither of you got the memo to wear masks for the dance. Thankfully the staff has accounted for a lot of people doing that. Here are masks for you to wear, and when prom king and queen get revealed that's when everyone can take their masks off” she explained handing over a mask to each of you. Slipping them on the two of you smile at each other and enter the room. The room was cloaked in dark and strobe lights of different colors. People were inside already dancing and enjoying themselves. “This is amazing!” You exclaimed looking around, Chanyeol was still holding your hand and gave it a little squeeze. “And we get these nice masks to wear, heh no one will recognize me now” chanyeol chuckled. “Oh, I think they will, you know you can stand out in a crowd” you chuckle. “But my face is covered” he pointed to the mask. “True true, let's see how well it does” you say. It turned out it worked well, not a lot of people bugged him or realized it was him. It made him relaxed and able to enjoy the dance. The night went by fast and slow at the same time, drinking punch and dancing, chanyeol was definitely the spotlight when it came to dancing though, he was just really good at it. people around paid attention to him, but never for long. When the time came to announce the king and queen of prom everyone faced the stage waiting for the moment. “You think you'll win?” Chanyeol asked which made you burst out laughing. “Oh gosh no. Plus I know I'm not prom queen, or even in the court, that was announced the other day at the football game. Someone named Merissa is the queen” you explain to him. “So you all already know?” He looked shocked. “That loses the fun of the surprise” he frowned. “For the most part it is. They announce it and do the whole parade at the game, but if you don't go than you find out at the dance “ you explained as all of a sudden your focus goes to the stage where the prom king and queen were standing. A slow song started and you and Chanyeol watch them dance. There was two more songs that played and you danced with Chanyeol before the night ended. It was a quiet way to end the night and Chanyeol took you home, placed a light kiss on your hand giving you a smile and saying he had a good time at the dance with you.  

Under the stars When you and Chanyeol entered the room you went through a see through sparkly curtain that looked like a starry night. Stars hung from the ceiling when you entered and even as you stared as the ceiling you walked, almost tripping on thin air. Your grasp on Chanyeol's arm tightened and he made sure he supported you until you righted yourself. He was polite enough not to comment on it. That didn't last long when dancing came he pulled you out into the crowd. “Will you step in my feet if we dance?” There was a hint of humor on his face as he spoke making you laugh. “No, I can dance just fine” you laugh. You two danced the night away, the amount of touching between you two, later on you would swoon but for now you would enjoy yourself and be happy you were able to get so close to him. “I'm thinking these dances are more entertaining to watch the to be apart of” chanyeol commented on one of your breaks between dancing. The two do you were watching drama unfold between a group of friends, or frienemies you weren't to sure anymore. “Drama is always entertaining. I'm waiting to see what happens when they announce the king and Queen. Some girls get mad jealous and upset if they don't win” you tell him.

“I remember high school drama. I was a wallflower but I watched people a lot” he said. “Same.” You nod. You talked to him a little about his high school experiences before they started announcing the prom court. Sure enough drama started. A girl wanted the crown and made a grab for it but the queen waked her with the flowers she held. The two of you shared a laugh over the scene.   The night proved to be very entertaining for the both of you and you even got a bit closer to Chanyeol. As he dropped you off at your house he grabbed ahold of your hand before you could get to far from him. “If you promise me you won't give this away” he said pulling out a marker from his pocket. “Your giving me a marker?” You raise a brow “wait why do you have a marker on you?” You ask. “Autographs” he stated. “And no you smart-a-lick. I'm writing on your hand” he said. You expected to see his phone number on your hand, instead he’s written an account name. “It's my kakao account. I have it on both my phones” he said. “Oh, wait I have my phone on me” you were standing there searching in your clutch for your phone and pulled it out. Bringing up kakao you instantly search him. “You had your phone on your?” He was chuckling shaking his head. “21st century buddy, a cell phone doesn't get left at home” you say finding his kakao and send a friend request. “Snapchat?” You asked. You end up getting both plus Line but sadly no phone number. That was okay, you knew you had a way to communicate with him now. You went inside grinning like a freaking fool.


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