SDoS: Theory Thursday! 🤓Black Diamond!♦

I'm a nerd. I love to watch theory videos on my favorite fandoms, Steven Universe included. I saw this video last week (It is quite older than that when you think about his references, but whatever), and it got me thinking: What is Black Diamond?

I've heard about the theory that Black Diamond is a fusion of all four or the main three Diamonds before, and I originally thought it was plausable. However, mulling over the thoughts and arguments his theory lays down made me formulate my own theory:

What if Black Diamond was banished from the Diamond Authority and replaced with Pink?

Pink Diamond is canonically shown to be much younger than Blue, Yellow, or White, due to her amount of planets she ruled. Unless she's literally the worst ruler of all the Diamonds and could only get one rebellious planet, she was created much later than the other Diamonds.

After all, they changed the Diamond Authority Symbol when Pink Diamond was shattered. Why couldn't they have done something similar earlier, wiping Black Diamond's mark on the universe from existence because she didn't "fit the mold" like many other gems after her.

I'd love to know what you all think of my theory and what theories you all might have for Steven Universe! Let me know!!!

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