Topp Dogg Game Night Results

Hello my fellow Topp Klass. I am posting my results to Topp Dogg game night. Let's see how my Spring Festival will be.

So who will be my date?

So my date will be Yano. We go walking and deside to get a snack and drink. Let's see what we get.

We get candy apple and a coke. And since it is a date, we are sharing. Ummm! We see a game and I really want a prize to remember our date. Let's see what game he will play and what prize he will win me. I am so excited.

Weplay duck pond and he wins me Minion! He is great at fishing. Now to get on a ride so I can hold him tight. Which ride will we be riding. I hope it is a scary one so He can wrap his around me.

This was a scary ride, but Yano held my hand the whole time and made me feel save. Hw sweet of him. Now our date is coming to a close, he walks me to my door. I wonder how it will end.

He pulls me close and we have a magical kiss. This will be a date to remember. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Till next time stay Klassy!


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