Tattoo (18+)

Who: Reader x Lee Seonghwa

What: Two words: Kinky fuckery.


"Stop walking away from me!" You screamed.

Seonghwa whipped around and pushed you into the wall.

"You need to let me leave." He said.

"Why, so you can run off and tell the guys how I just messed up your night again." You yelled.

"We are not doing this right now."

"Why Daddy you've got a problem with your baby girl getting a tattoo?" You mocked.

He rolled his eyes and headed for the door.

"Stop fucking walking away and talk to me!" You screamed annoyed.

He stopped in front of the door but didn't turn around.

"I got it for you. It's cute and you'd love it if you'd just put your fucking ego aside for a minute and look at it."

"The way some other man looked at it?"

He turned around to look at you.

"It's not even the fact that you got the damn tattoo without telling me it's where you got it. You had to at least be half naked for him to do that-"

"Seonghwa I kept my shirt on and he let me put a towel over my vagina." You rolled your eyes.

"That's still too close."

"He didn't see anything. You'd see it when I wear my bikini. The one you like, the small yellow one that makes my breast look perky and the yellow ties on the ends of it. Come on Mr.Gray, do you think I'd really let any man but you see or touch me that way?" You said.

You walked up to him slowly and reached for his hands. You wore a gray tank top with jet black shorts that had zippers on the pockets. You took his hands and brought them to the front of your shorts. You looked down and led his hands to undo your shorts while putting your bottom lip between your teeth. The sneaky little grin that showed up on your face made him step closer, especially when your eyes raised to meet his. His lips hovered just by your lips and his breathing became heated so you knew he was turned on. You helped him pull down your shorts slowly so he could see your little tattoo running just slightly below your hip bone and hiding a bit behind the string to your black thong.

"Shit." He whispered licking his lips.

It was a lotus flower with little stars around it. It was so low on your body though that it was easy for his eyes to shift focus and his breathing was even more thrown off.

"It's cute." He admitted.

You nodded silently. You came to his lips more and spoke against them,

"Touch it."

He continued looking down as his hand met the tattoo, your arms wrapped around his neck and you let out a soft moan. He looked up and immediately kissed your neck. His tongue ran flat and licked your skin like you were melting. He pushed down your thong and lifted you up on the wall. Your legs wrapped around his waist and you smiled at him excited.

"Doesn't take long to calm you Master." You chuckled.

He looked up at you with blown pupils while unbuttoning his pants.

"Shush or Daddy will make you scream for him." He said.

"Make me scream." You smiled proudly.

You had no doubt that he could but you wanted him pounding you hard. He was able to push his pants down a bit and he started thrusting hard and fast into you. He gave you no time to adjust and there was barely a warning of him aligning with you at all. His thrusts were in short strides and hard pumps. Your body beat into the wall.

"Oh- Fuck Seonghwa!" You screamed.

Your core tightened around his assault. He pulled you off the wall and laid you on the coffee table, you supposed because it was the closest surface near you two. His hand touched the tattoo again and his lips came over yours. His tongue was like an agitated snake, just squirming around in your mouth while he fucked you hard and fast.

"Seonghwa- you'll break- the table." You whined.

It really sounded like he would, you could hear the legs creaking as he pounded you. He lifted you up off the table. He pulled out of you and bent you over the couch.

"Who am I baby girl?" He said with a growl.

"Your my Master, your my Daddy."

"Only I'm allowed to see this right baby girl?"

His hand went to your clit to pinch the nub and you screamed out.

"Oh fuck Daddy."

"Answer the question." He said with so much authority you were far more wet than before.

"Yes daddy no one can see it but you." You answered.

He started to roll his fingers on your nub pinching a little, making you scream and moan hard. You begged,

"Please fuck me. Please."

"Who do you belong to little girl?" He asked.

"You Daddy. I'm yours."

"Did you do a bad thing by not telling me about the tattoo?"

"Yes! Yes! I've been so bad, I've been a bad girl."

He leaned over your body and pinched you clit harder. You closed your mouth to cover the intense scream that came with his pinch.

"So then how should I punish my baby girl?" He said teasing.

"Torture me." You begged.

You could feel him leave your body. He said,

"Now that's a great punishment. Put your hands behind your back. " he said.

You did as you were told and heard him walk away. You knew Seonghwa was the type to take it all off or keep it all on. So when he came back and his pants were zipped up again you weren't even surprised. He pushed something in you and cranked it up to a medium speed. The vibrations were rocking your core and you mewled excited but tried your best to make it sound like a whine. Then something met your wrist.

Both wrists.

Cuffs, the metal and durable kind. You were twice as excited now. You heard a chair being pushed on your hardwood floor behind you. He sat you down and you looked up at him biting your lip. He grinned at you and he pulled out a little red silk scarf.

"Open." He said.

Your lips parted and he walked around you and wrapped the silk scarf around your mouth. The silk came between your teeth and bunched up in your mouth to work as a little bit of a gag. It made your sentences muffled but you knew it meant right now you weren't meant to speak, just feel. He came around you slowly with another toy, your rabbit. The one with the big head that had a setting that made your body feel like electricity when you came, it was so fantastic. He turned it on to about the same setting as the egg inside of you and brought it up to your clit. You whined as your body shook and you squeezed your eyes shut.

"No no, baby girl you need to look at me." He said.

Your eyes opened as you tried to breathe; your moans beat against the cloth in your mouth.

"You can't come until I give you permission okay baby girl." He said.

You whined loudly as you nodded your head.

"You have to listen to what daddy says or you get punished okay."

You nodded again.

"You'll never talk like that to me again do you understand kitten?" He said.

He pressed the rabbit into your clit more while turning it up just a little more. You mewled loudly, your legs shaking and your mind begging your body not to come just yet. Your body was so tense. You nodded quickly.

"Don't you dare come." He warned.

You cried into the scarf. He ran his hand up behind your head then made a fist in your hair and pulled your head back. He leaned the head of the huge rabbit up and he came to whisper in your ear.

"I could fuck you so hard and make you scream so loud you lose your voice."

His voice was hungry and dark and turning you on even more. You started making high pitched moans that's let him know you were going to come, you were close, so close. He shut both of them off making you cry.

"Were you going to come without Daddy's permission baby girl?"

He slid his hand up your chest while you were panting. His hand slithered up past the valley of your breast and came to your neck. He came up to your lips,

"You just love making me punish you don't you? Maybe I should've put one in your ass." He grinned almost like he was greedy.

You shook your head. He chuckled,

"I know, I know baby girl. No toys in that sexy little butt but don't tempt me."

He pulled the gag out of your mouth and let it hang on your neck. His tongue slipped into your mouth before you could really catch a breath. The way it slithered and wiggled against your own tongue was making your clit twitch. His hands came up to your breasts and he started to give them little squeezes then his thumbs came to find your nipples through the fabric of your tank top. He circled around them to make them perk up and then he came to kiss your neck. You rolled your head back panting as he took his time moving his lips down to your neck and kissing below your ear then lower just between your neck and shoulder. That spot got you moaning deeply and your head coming up for a second only to move back again. You squirmed in the chair while his thumbs continued to tease your body. He moved his lips lower and he bit your collarbone making you moan loud. He lifted your tank over your head and let it land on your still cuffed wrists.

"Seonghwa." You mewled softly.

He stopped and looked at you.


"What?" He said harshly.

"Daddy." you corrected.

"Who am I Y/n?" he said sternly.

"My Daddy, my Master." You said.

He pulled out the egg inside of you and pushed two fingers inside of you and curled them up. You moaned loudly.

"Say it again."

"Your my- Master! My- fuck. Daddy!" You whined while shaking violently.

Your hands pulled at the cuffs the closer he brought you again. Your legs came up.

"Don't come. Apologize first."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Daddy. Please, please let me cum. Please." You whined.

He pulled his fingers out of you and you whined at the loss of your on coming orgasm. He licked his fingers in front of you. He licked them greedily. He stared you in the eyes as he did. He liked the taste of you. He smiled and dipped his head between your legs and started licking you up. Your legs raised but he pushed them back down with both his hands. You were screaming,

"Oh fuck Daddy. That's feels so good. So fucking good."

You heard him slurp up your juices making you whine loudly. You threw your head back and let out a louder moan. Your neighbors must've been pissed, or thought you were getting killed you weren't sure.

"I'm gonna cum. Daddy please let me cum. Please, please." You cried.

He came off your clit and you cried again. He kept denying you an orgasm and it was the best rush ever. The moment he let you cum you'd explode, it will feel so fucking good. Your heart was racing. You loved this. You were panting heavily and he stood up and started to pull off his pants and toss them to the side. His boxers came off slowly but he was so hard right now, pre cum was dripping from his tip. His hand came to the back of your head and guided your mouth towards him. You opened your mouth and he glided inside of it. He was so big he filled up your mouth. Seonghwa was about average length but the girth was something you'd bragged about to your friends. Damn he could choke you. He made you move more on him, faster.

"You like your Master's dick Kitten?" He said.

You nodded while you continued to suck him off.

"Look at me, let me see those sexy eyes."

You looked up at him and he seemed to growl. His hips bucked harder into your mouth making you gag. You came off of him to cough and get some air.

"Did I tell you to stop?" He growled.

"No Master."

"Then don't stop until I tell you." He commanded.

His authority was so amazing especially since he seemed to have such a soft boyish face most of the time but he was a beast in bed. The more he commanded you the more turned on you got. Your mouth went back down on him again. He cupped both sides of your face and started to ride into your mouth. He fucked your face faster,

"Fuck baby girl your mouth is so good." He groaned.

He pulled out of your mouth making you cough and pant hard.

"Get up and bend over the arm of the couch." He said.

You swallowed and stood up while saying,

"Yes daddy."

You bent over the arm of the couch just like he told you to. You felt a snap on your ass that made you jolt forward.

"It's been a while since I used a cane on you." He said.

"Daddy." You moaned.

"I want to hear you say it baby. Tell Daddy you've been a bad girl."

"I've been a bad girl Daddy." You whined.

"How bad baby?" He said.

You could almost hear the smile in his voice. He must've taken off his shirt. He was in his element right now, hot and bothered and kinky as fuck.

"I've been so bad Daddy. I've been a very bad girl." You said.

He snapped you again with the cane making your ass sting. You bit your lip muffling a deep moan.

"Has Daddy's little girl been naughty?"

"Yes Daddy I've been very naughty."

"You let another man get close to you didn't you? Close enough he could've touched you."

His hand slipped around to your tattoo low and riding on your hip bone. You clenched your teeth no matter how gentle his touch the tattoo still stung a little. You wiggled your butt against him not even realizing he'd come closer to you.

"Yes Daddy I'm sorry. I did it for you don't you like it?" You asked feeling a little discouraged that he was still focused on the tattoo artist.

"I would've liked it better if I was there to watch him. Baby girl do you really think he wasn't thinking about fucking you? Or licking you, you're never to let a man come this close to you. You're mine, you belong to me. All of you. I have to protect you. So I prefer if you get another tattoo you do not do it alone." He said.

You sighed,

"Yes Daddy. I understand."

He kissed your cheek.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too." You smiled.

"Now I'm gonna make my baby girl cum so fucking hard." He said.

You got even more excited. He pulled your hips out a little more and he met your entrance and just started going to town. He was pounding into your body hard making you scream again.

"Oh fuck!"

"Come on baby." He growled through pants.

He reached over and pinched your clit again you pushed back into him by reflex. You screamed at the way he came into you when you pushed back.

"Oh! Daddy! Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me." You chanted.

He grabbed the rabbit and set it all the way on high and placed it on your clit. You were screaming, your legs felt like jello.

"Let me cum please. Please Daddy can I come." You whined.

He lifted your leg onto the couch and kept banging into your body. The sound of slapping skin sounded like something he could use for a beat. Your breast were feeling like they were getting burned by the friction caused from the couch.

"Please!" You whined loudly.

"Come for me baby girl. Come for me." He approved.

You screamed out losing control over yourself and Seonghwa kept going. Your body was extra sensitive but the orgasm was so intense and so amazing it felt like you had left your body and come back. You were letting your voice out for minutes in a long high pitched scream. It felt so good. You leaned over the couch completely. He was still fucking you but his thrusts were uneven.

"Oh- shit I'm gonna cum. Ohhhh." He moaned.

He kept moving but you felt him shoot his hot stickiness inside of you making a bigger mess of you then you already were.

"Fuuuccck." He moaned through his orgasm.

He uncuffed you and lifted you in his arms and carried you to the bed. He wrapped you in his arms and started to pet your head.

"I look forward to after care with you." He whispered before kissing your cheek lightly.

"I love after care especially after you fuck me senseless. Orgasm denial drives me insane." You chuckled.

"Hey, I actually like the tattoo it looks really good but I seriously don't want you getting them in places where they have to see you naked. I feel like no one else should see it but me." He said petting your head.

"If it makes you feel any better Seonghwa, he was gay."

He laughed,

"Why didn't you say that before?"

"Because I've been a very naughty girl." you smirked.

"You just love to make me punish you." He laughed wrapping his arm around you to kiss you.

You nodded with a laugh and kissed him back....

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