Spring Event Start!!! 🌸

Hey everyone!!

This is it - the start of our Spring Event!! You can start submitting your entries today. You have until May 21st to turn all of your entries in.

A few reminders:

There are 4 different categories you can enter this time.


Make sure you have 'Spring Event' as well as the category you are entering it in listed in the title so the judges can easily find your card - we don't want to miss any entries.

Not all communities are participating in this event, so be sure to double check the list of those that are.

Be sure to use the Moderators Tag List to make sure we see your cards!


If you have any questions you can message me or@Bangtanss

We can't wait to see all of you amazing entries!! Thank you in advance for your participation and for sharing your talent with all of us!

~ Moderator Tag List ~


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