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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki here with.......

So as you know that our theme here for Boys Republic is a date with your bias. Since this is a variety with all the members, I am going to try to do a date theme with this. Let me know what you think. So here we go......

The guys come to pick you up in a limo. You are so excited since you will having your first date with all five guys. Let's see where they will take you first....

So the first place you go is to MBC Radio Studio to watch them do their show for FM 95.9. You watch them dance and act goofy. You dance along on the sideline. You are having fun and laughing. After the show ends you wound where the next destination would be. I wound where you will go next.

Next you go to the river to watch the boys sing,practice and be silly with their Japanese. This was so cute and they worked so hard. You give them a huge applause for their hard work. It is becoming dark and you wonder where the next stop will be.

So you and the boys go back to the dorm. They are making drawings for the fans. You see how much they love their fans and how precious the fans mean to them. They show you their soft sides. As you watch you can't help but to feel so much love from these boys. Well your dare has come to an end. The boys take you back home to drop you off. To end yourperfect date the boys give you a bouquet of flowers.



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