Anime Giveaway : Supernatural Saturday ( Late)

Hey Guys! So all this week is going to be Anime Giveaway Cards! Hope you all participste, have fun , and enjoy. The first theme is supernatural saturday. Today We are paying tribute to our favorite supernatural characters so today I have chosen : Soushi Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS

I have chosen Soushi not only because I have recently started watching Inu x Boku SS ( episode 5 currently) but also because he is an all around great guy. He is sweet, kind, easy going, helpful, loyal and above all else faithful. Ririchiyo is soo lucky!!!!




Look at that face!

Notice Me Senpai

Those eyes....>_<

But don't let that handsome face fool you. Of you think about messing with the one he loves he will make you pay......


Soushi's supernatural powers is that he can transform onto a tailed fox. He kinda reminds me of Tomoe, but hotter.

These eyes too!!


Love, love , love

Anyway, any way you look at it, Soushi is great to have around!

There you go!!

Hey guys!!! I love all types of anime and manga. and I have been drawing since 6th grade!!ヽ(´▽`)/ Feel free to follow me!!
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