Why I love Monsta X <3 Day 1 of 2nd Anniversary Event


For starters, who couldn't love our adorable leader? We need our dad of the group! Also, Shownu is incredibly considerate and thinks of the other members and puts them before his needs. When I found out that he asked to give his lines over to Hyungwon because he felt that a "pretty guy" like him should be the one for the part. Don't even get me started on how much I love and appreciate him for this. Shownu is just a really great leader and I love this man so much.


Now, I know that most of us see Wonho as "Wonhoe" but that isn't just Shin Hoseok. Wonho is a fluffy man that is afraid of heights and terrified of popping balloons. I feel like we can all really relate to that Wonho. I also feel like we can all relate to this mans love of Ramen. When I eat ramen or even just crave it, I think of Wonho. I love every little thing that Wonho does. I love his tattoos, I love his cute adorable laugh, and I especially love his sexiness.


Without Minhyuk, who would be our mood maker of the group? When I see Minhyuk, literally doing just about anything, this man always manages to make me smile. He literally doesn't even have to try and he can make me crack into a big smile. I'm smiling just thinking about him trying to make everyone else smile and happy.


What with Kihyun popping bubbles that I.M catches, being the mom of the group, or just hitting those high notes that I only wish I could, we need our Kihyunie. I literally don't know what we would do without Kihyun in the group. I know I call him "evil" a lot, but he is exactly the opposite of being evil. He is a very caring and loving member and you can see it with the way he is with both the fans and his members of the group. I don't remember what I was watching, but I believe it was of Kihyun (please correct me if I am wrong because I really am not sure) fussing and worrying over monbebe's standing in the rain. He is incredibly caring and I just love him so much for being himself and being their for both us monbebe's and the members.


I really wanted to add something about Memewon, but I have to control myself. Ok, so Hyungwon is literally my spirit animal. I wish I could even crave as much sleep as this boy tries to get. Even if I had the ability (which I certainly do not), to become an idol, I couldn't do it because I need at least 8 hours of sleep without interruptions. Ok, enough talk about sleep. I know that this is silly, but one of the reaons that I love Hyungwon would be because of his inability to cook. I say this because I also have this inability. I couldn't even make homemade mac and cheese properly, y'all!


So, Jooheon was actually originally my bias in Monsta X before our Maknae took over my life as my ultimate bias(thanks I.M). By now, if you have seen my cards, you should know that most of the time my biases just so happen to be rappers, which was one of the reaons why Jooheon was my bias at the time. Some reaons I love Jooheon would be his aegyo, his rapping skill, and his cute english skills. I don't care how many times this boy says he isn't very good at English, he is better than a lot of people that are native speakers (like myself because my English has gotten quite terrible). Now, I know that Jooheon is trying to show Monbebe's that he isn't just cute, but also sexy, but when I see Jooheon, I still want to think of him as this cute rapper. I see nothing wrong with it, but if that's what he wants, then I'll try to also see him as sexy (which I mean he is. One of my cousin's friends even said he was).


"Baby I love you!"Don't make me pick!






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