One False Move Part 8


After being tackled and tickled by him, he hands you the remote and tells you to find a movie while he finishes the soup. Dinner is only delayed by about 2 hrs, at least you get to eat and the soup turned out delicious. The delay? Well worth starving a couple extra hours for.

A ringing wakes you up. Disoriented, you find yourself trapped to a muscular chest by an equally muscular arm. A deep voice is talking quietly into the phone.

“Are you checking up on me?”

“So that’s how it is? A female comes between brothers after 13 years?”

That line makes you tense up but a hand comes up and begins stroking your hair, keeping your head in place. You understand once you hear him laugh.

“Guys, she’s good I promise. What a bunch of mother hens! I didn’t hurt her, there are no tears. In fact, she was sleeping rather peacefully until you boneheads woke her up.”

With that you sit up and look into a smiling Jaejoong face. “Fine, fine, whatever. Doubters.”

He hands the phone over to you, “Junsu and Yoochun would like verbal confirmation from you, yourself, that I haven’t harmed you in any way.”

You're stunned but nod your head and take the phone. “Hello?”

“[YN]-ah, we know you didn’t text us but we got worried when you didn’t answer your phone.”

You glance over at the counter where you left it, it was probably dead. “Oh, well, sorry. I left it on the counter, it probably needs to be charged, I didn’t hear it ring.”

“Hyung said you were sleeping? Are you two in the same room?”

“Um, yeah, we were watching a movie, I must have fallen asleep.” You feel totally embarrassed by your admission but then realize you shouldn’t be. These are your friends and his brothers, you’re pretty sure they will be hearing all about tonight later.

“Oh really?” You can hear the smiles on their faces and roll your eyes. Yoochun clears his throat, “[YN]-ah, has he broken our pact? Has he laid a finger on you?”

You start to cough… one finger, ten fingers, two lips, two arms…. How do you tactfully answer this question? Seeing your discomfort Jaejoong takes the phone back.

“Why are you embarrassing her? What did you say? How do I know? Because I know you two and she just went red and started coughing. What are you asking her?”

Jaejoong starts a little laugh, but turns red himself and coughs. “Ahh, well. The pact is no longer in affect since we are no longer on our outing. So technically, it’s none of your business.” He listens a few more minutes, rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “Okay clowns, I have better things to do since you woke her up. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He closes his phone and tosses it onto the foot rest. He turns to you and pulls you back into the circle of his arms.

“I kind of liked where you were and what you were doing, sure you don’t want to go back to sleep?”

You brush the hair out of your face and cover your eyes. “I’m so embarrassed. I never fall asleep with people around, definitely not on them. Especially not a guy.”

He chuckles and pulls you closer, kissing your forehead. “Good. I’m glad I’m the first. I’m happy that you were comfortable and relaxed enough to let yourself do that.”

He rests his chin on the top of your head for a minute as if he's thinking. After a moment he leans down, kisses your cheek and whispers in your ear, “I hope it’s just the beginning of a lot firsts.”


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