I Just Saw Monsta X on The Street in Seoul?!

this is a picture of them from earlier that day (170505) so you can see their outfits are the same^^

So, my Friday was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be LOL

Originally I was just going to have a chill picnic on Friday (it was a holiday in Korea) then get coffee with a new friend, but two members of Monsta X decided to crash the party.

I was waiting for my friend at the subway station exit and saw two guys pull up on a bike next to me. I looked at the first guy and he looked SO FAMILIAR but I couldnt remember where I knew him from. Then I looked at the second guy and HE WAS SO FAMILIAR TOO and then suddenly it clicked and I realized they were in Monsta X. My video was a little late so you can only see their profiles but I'm sure Monsta X fans can tell who they are :)

Turns out Startship's building is nearby so they were probably just taking a break and enjoying the nice weather :)

Are either of them your biases? My coworker is a TOTAL Minhyuk stan but she was still dying of jealousy hahaha

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