HoJoon Wednesday

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Here at Topp Dogg our theme is scenarios. I will bringing you some HoJoon scenarios. Let's play.

You are in art class and you are waiting for your muse to arrive. You go walking down the hall and checking every room. You walk in to see your muse looking on his cell phone for poses to do in the class.

See him looking your way in class. He is staring and you smile back at him. He is wondering why you are smiling. He holds up a pen and ask if he can borrow one, since his ran out of ink. You give him a pen and lay your head down on the desk.

He is listening to his headphone and you ask what he is listening to. You get excited to learn what kind of music, he likes. He hands you the earpiece and you listen only to hear Seseame Street playing. He says it calms him before his performance. You knod your head and what away.



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