Momo In a Sub-Unit~

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with another twice card! This week our theme is to create a sub-unit with our member and today is Momo day!

I'd put Momo in a sub-unit with these six lovely ladies and they'd be named QUEEN because they're all fabulous, so I'm going to do this card more like a group profile and give each members traits, etc. So let's go!


K-Pop sub-unit group consisting of 7 girls from different groups to showcase all of their talents all together. their goal is to rule the K-Pop scene with their quirky, unique music styles.

Bae Ju Hyun

Stage Name: Irene

Birthday: March 29, 1991

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, face of the group

-She was born in Daegu, South Korea.

-she was in Henry's "143" and SHINee's "Why so Serious?".

-She's from Red Velvet

-I chose her for this group because she's the leader of her group and she seems like a good fit.

Kim Hyun Ah

Stage Name: Hyuna

Birthday: June 6, 1992

Position: Rapper, vocalist, face of the group

-She was born in Jeolla, South Korea.

-She's a former member of Wonder girls.

-She's a member of Trouble Maker and Triple H.

-She's a member of 4minute. (disbanded)

-I chose her to be in this group because of her very unique voice and her very unique style that would match well with the others I've chosen.

Amber Josephine Liu

Stage Name: Amber

Birthday: September 18, 1992

Position: Lead Rapper, sub-vocal

-She was born in Los Angeles, California.

-She's friends with Miss A's Min, Girls Generation's Hyoyeon, and Ailee.

-She's in F(x).

- I added her to the list in the group because she's seriously so talented and she can be considered a mood maker since she's always so happy and I've never seen her stop smiling.

Kang Seulgi

Stage Name: Seulgi

Birthday: February 10, 1994

Position: Lead vocal, dancer

-She features in Henry's song "Butterfly" and she is in Henry's "Fantastic".

-She can speak Japanese.

-She is a member of Red Velvet.

-I chose to put her in this group because she's an amazing dancer and she does very well on variety shows.

Jung Yerin

Stage Name: Yerin

Birthday: August 19, 1996

Position: dancer, vocalist

-She is a member of GFRIEND.

-I chose her as a member because she's talented and because she's shipped very often with Yuju and come on, every group has at least two members that are shipped together.

Choi Yu Na

Stage Name: Yuju

Birthday: October 4, 1997

Position: Main vocal

-She is a member of GFRIEND.

-I chose her as a member because she is often shipped with Yerin.

Hirai Momo

Stage Name: Momo

Birthday: November 9, 1997

Position: Main dancer, rapper, vocal, Maknae

-She is Japanese.

-She is a member of Twice.

-I chose this group around her to perfectly (in my opinion) play on her strengths and weaknesses and make the strongest group I could think to make. This lets her be the center for the dances and still lets her showcase her talents with her voice.


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