Yano Scenarios~

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with another topp dogg card! This week is scenario week so let's get right into it. Let's go!

You're walking down the street with Yano when he suddenly stops in his tracks. You look back, worried that he's seen something frightening and are met with Yano petting the smallest, most adorable kitten you've ever seen. He asks you, with his puppy dog eyes you can't resist, if you can take the kitten (whom he's so lovingly named Precious) home. You sigh, knowing that there's no way out if he's looking at you like that, and nod your head only to be tackled in a hug by Yano who won't stop repeated the words 'thank you'.

Yano asks you to go shopping with him so you can help pick out a mother's day present for his mom. You panic and try to get out of it because you don't know what his mother prefers and you really don't want his mother to hate you. After trying to sneak your way out of the date, you finally agree when he promises to buy you ice cream once the present is found. You guys end up spending three hours just searching for the best present before you settle on buying her a beautiful necklace and heading to the ice cream shop. The look on his mother's face when he hands her the present was sweeter than any ice cream you could've ever eaten and you were proud to have picked out such a cherished item.

It's the day right before your birthday and Yano is acting really strange, so you ask if he's okay. He quickly brushes it off and plays like he is, but you know better. You're left to worry all night and you can't fall asleep so when you wake up the next morning you feel as if a train had hit you. he walks into the room with a tray of food, a jug of apple juice, and a box with your name on it and hand them all over to you before looking at his hands shyly. Of course you eat first because you're starving and when you're done your eyes land back on the red velvet box. You take a deep breath before you carefully open the lid to find one of the most beautiful rings sitting comfortably on the cushion. He looks up, flushed from the bottom of his neck to the tips of his ears, and tells you that it's a promise ring. On the verge of tears, you quickly hug his as tight as possible while thanking him for such an amazing present before spending the rest of the day cuddling and watching all of your favorite movies.

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